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3 Direct Injection Blue Flame Cigar Lighter Windproof Gas-electric Integrated Induction Smoking Accessories Men Gift Box

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One.How to operate the correct inflation?

  1.Before inflation, use a small tool to hold the inflation core and completely release any remaining gas inside, so as to eliminate the pressure in the lighter cylinder;

  2.Press the outlet of the aerated gas tank vertically downward, each time.5Seconds or so, two or three times is enough.

  3.Please wait for 3-5minutes or so to use, such as5If there is still a situation where the engine cannot start after minutes, please increase the regulating valve (Attention)+  -Directions.

For more details, please refer to the following detailed introduction

Special reminder: altitude1000In plateau areas above meters, the use of inflatable windproof and straight lighters will be affected. The ignition rate will decrease greatly, so please choose windproof and straight lighters carefully. Try to use open flame and kerosene lighters.



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