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17 Top-quality Cigars You Must Try in Your Lifetime

17 Top-quality Cigars You Must Try in Your Lifetime

Like whiskey blind tasting, cigars also have a game of blind tasting by a master: all cigars tasted blindly vary in price, size and country of origin, but in the end there will be various scores given by the master according to the standards.

Some institutions set the following criteria for blind tastings of cigars: appearance and structure account for up to 15%; taste and smoking quality (flue quality, smoke quality, etc.) each account for 25%; the remaining 35% is allocated to the overall impression of the cigar or Level of enjoyment.

EP Carrillo Encore Majestic

Encore is the new brand from cigarmaker Ernesto Perez-Carrillo who debuted earlier this year. This is the first cigar from EPC Cigar Co. and is made exclusively from Nicaraguan tobacco.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial

Friend's Especial, a robusto measuring 5 1/2 inches in length and 50 ring gauge, was first released in 2004 as the Edición Limitada.

Vegas Robaina Famoso

The name of the Vegas Robaina brand comes from Cuba's most famous tobacco farmer, Alejandro Robaina. Robaina died in 2010, but his legacy has been passed on to his grandson Hirochi, who is the unofficial ambassador of Cuban cigars.

Alec Bradley Black Market Estelí Toro

As an extension of the Alec Bradley Black Market brand, Black Market Estelí bears little resemblance to the original brand's products. Although both have Nicaraguan wrappers, Black Market Estelí still insists on using Nicaraguan tobacco instead of Honduran tobacco leaves in the binder and filler.

Cohiba Siglo V (Tube)

Everyone is familiar with the Century Five. This Cuban lonsdale is 6 and 3/4 inches long, making it the longest cigar in the Cohiba Siglo series. The individual aluminum tube packaging that received high scores was only launched in December 2017.

Illusione Cruzado Short Robusto

Cruzado debuted in 2008 as a spin-off to the Dion Giolito. The brand's early products were produced at the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras, but production later moved to Aganorsa Leaf in Nicaragua (formally known as Tabacos Valle de Jalapa SA or TABSA)

Mombacho Beautiful Master League

When the Liga Maestro was first released, it was initially an Italian exclusive, but it is now available worldwide. The brand was revamped in 2016 to achieve consistent packaging and better brand recognition.

Montecristo No. 2

Monte No. 2 is the undisputed King of Torpedoes and the 2013 Cigar of the Year. It is well known around the world and is one of the best-selling cigars in the Cuban cigar product line.

Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez Churchill

This non-Gramone Alon brand was first produced by Nicaraguan cigar maker AJ Fernandez. The brand launched last spring and earned an impressive average rating of 90.5 in Cigar Insider's first vertical tasting, making it a must-try.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Churchill

This vintage of Churchill is not ordinary. The high-vintage wrapper is filled with Sumatra leaves grown in Ecuador. The cigar is rolled very tightly and has a rich flavor.

Villiger San'Doro Colorado Churchill

This company's Robusto was selected into the 2016 TOP25 cigars list last year, with a score of 92 points. Similarly, its Churchill is also very strong. The wrapper filler is made of the same material as Robusto, so it received the same level of score.

Diesel Whiskey Row Churchill

This new cigar is named after the Mexican San Andrés cigar leaf. The fundamental reason is that this tobacco leaf has been aged in American Kentucky whiskey oak barrels, which is a popular practice recently.

Matilde Serena Robusto

This is the first cigar from Matilde Cigar to produce a Connecticut wrapper. It was launched in 2016 and has a peacock blue outer wrapper to complete the company's product portfolio. The cigar is mild and sweet and is worth trying.

Montecristo Línea 1935 Leyenda

Although this new Monte product was first unveiled in 2017, it was not officially released until March this year. In the vertical brand tasting conducted by Cigar Insider, Leyenda is the largest size and the taste is also outstanding.

Oliva Serie G Churchill

This is a Churchill with a square torso, and the wrapper is a tobacco called Colorado grown in Cameroon, Africa. The smoke volume is very large and the price is very affordable (the release price is less than ¥100/cigarette). This is a great cigar.

Plasencia Cosecha 146 San Luis

As part of a new line showcasing harvest-specific tobaccos, Plasencia Cigars released this Cosecha 146 in 2017. Its tobacco leaves are basically from the 2011/2012 vintage, grown on Plasencias farms in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Toro (Tubo)

Cigarmaker Rocky Patel released his 15th Anniversary Cigar in 2010 to celebrate their fifteenth year in the cigar industry. Putting aside the taste, cigars generally used to celebrate the company's high vintages use good materials. This 15th Anniversary has a rich nutty flavor, and also provides a lot of dark chocolate and oak vanilla flavors, with a long and delicious finish. Cashew and peanut flavor, not to be missed.

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