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Cigars With Unique Labels

Cigars With Unique Labels

Although there are different opinions on why a label is put on a cigar, it is generally believed that 1830 was the time when cigar labels were commercially used. In that year, a Dutch cigar manufacturer, Gustave Bock, ordered the labels to be made. paper, along with evidence that he intended to export the labeled cigars to Europe.

Most of the cigar labels we see now are a ring-shaped paper on the cigar that is close to the wrapper. However, paper is not the only material for cigar labels. Historically, cigar labels have appeared in many materials, including silk, paper, leather, metal, etc. To this day, there are still several cigars in production that use very unique labels.
There is a cigar brand called Casting Cigars. They have launched a cigar series called Casting War. This series is very special and commemorates the epic competition between Edison and Tesla. Each cigar in this series is named after a place where Edison and Tesla made great contributions to science.
One of them is called the Tesla Tower, commemorating the wireless energy transmission tower that Tesla took the lead in building. The size of the cigar is 54 ring gauge, 5.5 inches. The cigar uses a double label, with a traditional paper label on the inside and a metal label on the outside. This label is shaped like a fuse, which reflects the characteristics of Tesla's alternating current.
Foundry Cigars also released a cigar called the Prototype. The most special thing about this cigar is that a gear-shaped metal label is added to the paper label of the cigar. Used to express the characteristics of the foundry. The size of this cigar is 50 ring gauge, 6 inches. Since this label was very prominent and highly identifiable, Foundry Cigars later launched several cigars with the gear label in this series.
McNudoo has a cigar called Aged Maduro 1997, which is a cigar series. The cigars in this series are equipped with a metal ring label. The label can just fit the cigar and can also be taken out very conveniently. Fits over other cigars of corresponding size.
In addition to these fixed-production cigars with unique labels, some cigar brands have also made cigar ring labels made of various materials, such as Davidoff's metal leather ring labels. There are also independent companies that have made gold cigarette labels, which are used when smoking cigars. Put it on the cigar, this is obviously to satisfy the need of showing off.
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