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Life | Smoking cigars and smoking are not the same thing

Life | Smoking cigars and smoking are not the same thing

Any cigar aficionado will tell you,
Cigars are a hobby;
a kind of taste,
rather than a habit.
Any cigar aficionado will tell you that cigars are a hobby, a taste, not a habit. Like any hobby, there are graces and incorrect ways to smoke cigars. So, before lighting up a cigar, be sure to check out these 7 worst mistakes.
Mistake 1: There are two identical cigars in the world
Top-quality cigars are handmade by craftsmen from tobacco leaves. During the production process, slight changes in the ratio of raw materials, type of tobacco leaves, and hand-making method will affect the taste of the cigars. Therefore, you never know what your next cigar is going to taste like until you start it.
Mistake 2: Cutting off the cap randomly
Novices tend to be in a hurry when cutting the cap, and then cut it off regardless of the length, thus wasting the opportunity to relax with the cigar. Cutting the cap is a very important step that directly affects your cigar smoking experience. Check the length of the cap, and just cut it off slightly upward. Don't cut too much.
Guevara Lux CIGAR CUTTER 5031

Rather than completely cutting off the head of a cigar, a V-shaped cigar cutter uses a uniquely shaped blade to create a notched cut. This innovative design allows cuts to be made from the same side and at the same depth. Not only does this prevent you from cutting too deep, but it also creates a wide area where you can draw in enough air so that the flavor of the cigar is not lost in your mouth. A great tool for lovers of smaller cigars. However, because you cannot cut it too deep, the cigar can easily become hot when using it, so you need to be careful. The correct way to operate is to hold the V-shaped cigar cutter and the cigar with two hands, and then push the cigar toward the cigar cutter. There are many types of V-shaped cigar cutters, ranging from desktop V-shaped cigar cutters to small pocket V-shaped cigar cutters.

Mistake 3: Lighting a cigar like a cigarette
It is absolutely wrong to light a cigar while puffing on it with your mouth to fuel the combustion. It's completely normal for a cigar to taste lighter when you first smoke it. The result of a strong puff is that the original aroma of the cigar is masked by the bitter taste. Gently rotate the cigar on the tip of the flame without seeing the open flame. After the head of the cigar turns black and the edges are gray, you can take the first puff.
Mistake 4: Holding the cigar in your mouth
A cigar is not something you put in your mouth to make you feel like you can smoke it. It should be placed in the hand, brought to the mouth, puffed out, then returned to the fingers. This way, the cigar burns more slowly and you don't waste precious tobacco.
Mistake 5: Inhaling the cigar
Never inhale a cigar into your lungs. A cigar is not a cigarette. The tobacco inside is stronger. Take a puff on the cigar, let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds, and then spit it out gracefully. Control the frequency of smoking cigars every 30 seconds to about 1 minute, and remember to pair it with a glass of liquor.
Mistake 6: Smoking cigars on an empty stomach
If you are not sure about your tolerance limit for nicotine, or you are afraid that you will experience "cigar smoke", it is best to wait until after a heavy meal before starting to smoke cigars. If you feel blue and confused after smoking on an empty stomach, remember to stop smoking cigars immediately, get some air, and drink plenty of water to relieve the discomfort.
Mistake 7: Always be loyal to one cigar
You can have your own preferred cigar brand, but loyalty doesn't mean much when it comes to smoking cigars. There are so many cigar brands in the world, and you may be only one cigar away from your favorite brand. For cigar lovers, smoking the best cigars in the world is their tireless goal.

You can choose a set combination to make you more refined!

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