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Light the cigar and start the dance of taste buds

Light the cigar and start the dance of taste buds

People often ask, how to experience cigars? The usual answer is, just light a cigar and smoke.
Ignition is the fate of cigars. Good, bad, old, new, and new cigars will eventually be lit. If a cigar is not lit and smoked, then the cigar is worthless. No matter how old the cigar is, it will eventually be bought. Even many of the longest cigars that have set world records will be cut into smokeable cigars and lit after the records are created.

Ignition is a very important step for cigars. In order to prevent the flavor of cigars from being "disturbed" during the lighting process, when lighting cigars, the purity of butane and low-phosphorus matches will maintain the original flavor of cigars. Do not use ordinary phosphorus flavors. Heavy matches, and do not use tools with special smells such as kerosene lighters, so as not to infiltrate the cigars.

When you light a cigar, you can experience everything about the cigar. Each brand of cigar has its own unique aroma, and different shapes and sizes will bring different tastes. The bigger the cigar, the richer the taste and the fresher the smoke. The thick cigar burns slowly with a rich smoke and full-bodied flavors. Irregular-shaped cigars at both ends can taste the unique taste of wrapper and binder when they are just lit, and the real rich aroma will not be released until the thickest part is burned. Thin cigars burn quickly, with a concentrated aroma and slightly spicy taste.

The key to smoking cigars is to take a slow, slow breath, and carefully feel every detail of the cigar. Smoking too hard can cause the cigar to overheat and destroy the flavor. Cigars are not cigarettes, don't breathe the smoke into your lungs. Take a puff, put the smoke in your mouth, let it create a wonderful feeling on the taste buds, it feels like a dance of taste buds, and then exhale slowly, then the smoke of the cigar is scattered in front of your eyes, and the cigar is finished through the natural breathing of the nose The full experience of the taste, savor the subtle aroma and flavor of the blended tobacco.

If the cigar goes out in the middle, it can be re-lit, but remember to clean up the ash first, so that it will not fail to light, and after cleaning the ash, it can avoid the bitter taste caused by the coking of the ash. A Robusto cigar can bring about an hour. Don't pay too much attention to the length of the ash, but don't flick off the cigar ash as often as you do with a cigarette, and let the ash fall into the ashtray naturally.

When the sad time comes to say goodbye to a cigar, don't squeeze it into a ball. Let it extinguish itself in the ashtray and end life with dignity.
All of this happens after the cigar is lit. Lighting the cigar happens naturally.

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