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Top 8 Famous Cigar Brands in The World

Top 8 Famous Cigar Brands in The World


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How many of the world’s 8 most famous cigar brands have you smoked?

Former British Prime Minister Churchill once said: "I drink and smoke, but I am 200% healthy." A cigarette after drinking is better than a living god! Today, as wine becomes increasingly popular, cigars have also become a favorite pastime for many people. Cigars are pure natural tobacco products rolled from raw tobacco leaves that have been dried, fermented and aged. They belong to a category of cigarettes. Nowadays, in the eyes of many people, cigars are only high-quality products enjoyed by the rich. In fact, early cigars gave people the impression of being a kind of wild medicinal herb, or even a kind of Indian witchcraft supplies. How did the cigar transform into a symbol of the tycoon? Maybe this has something to do with the inability to escape from the brand. This article will list the 8 most famous cigar brands in the world. How many have you smoked?


1. Cohiba: The King of Cigars

Cohiba cigars are produced in Cuba. Their status in the cigar industry is like Lafite in wine. They are the No. 1 cigar brand. The historical status of Cohiba cigars has to be mentioned from a certain day in 1966. At that time, the Cuban leader Castro accidentally smoked a loose hand-rolled cigar purchased by his guard. He found that both the taste and aroma were very outstanding, so he ordered the guard to hire a cigarette maker - Eduardo Castro as Castro. Tero's professional cigar roller, hence the Cohiba cigar. It also became popular all over the world due to Castro's favor and became the king of cigars.

The Cohiba cigar brand creates a noble and extraordinary image. Those who hold Cohiba cigars in their hands are not ordinary people. Just like Castro, they are noble, elegant, mature, full of courage, and ignore all obstacles and difficulties on the road of life.


2. Montecristo: synonymous with confidence and masculinity

Montecristo's name comes from Alexandre Dumas's novel "Le Comte de Monte-Cristo" (Le Comte de Monte-Cristo), and its famous yellow color was designed by the old British tobacco company John Hunter Morris and Elkan Co. Red crossed swords logo. Montecristo is by far the most popular of the Havana cigars. Montecristo is currently the largest cigar brand in Cuba, accounting for almost a quarter of Cuba's total cigar production. About half of Cuba's cigar exports each year are of this brand. Montecristo No. 2 was named "The World's No. 1 Cigar in 2013", while its No. 4 is the most popular model among all brands.

Some people say that Montecristo cigars are synonymous with confidence and masculinity, just like a middle-aged man, full of masculine breath. When you first come into contact with him, you will feel his coldness, but when you get close to him, You will find that he cares about you like a loving father.


3. Romeo y Julieta: romantic literary style

When hearing this name for the first time, people can't help but think of Shakespeare's famous drama "Romeo and Juliet", which also adds a romantic literary style to this cigar. Romeo Juliet has been unanimously rated as "rare and exquisite" by the world's most authoritative cigar professional editors. It was also the favorite cigar brand of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It represents passion and infinite power. During World War II, Churchill was sleeping and forgetting to eat, and at that time Churchill was smoking Juliet No. 2. Later, Juliette No. 2 cigars were renamed "Churchills", which is still used today and is sold all over the world. There are many varieties of Romeo and Juliet, and the Romeo and Juliet Churchill cigar flavor is the most famous, which can be called a century-old classic.


4. Por Larranaga: The oldest existing cigar brand

The Spicy Cigar brand was founded in 1834. It is one of the oldest existing cigar brands and the originator of the introduction of machine-made cigars. However, its reputation is not as good as before, its output is limited, and its cigars are not widely sold. Fortunately, many cigar connoisseurs who prefer the flavor of traditional Havana cigars are still searching for this richly flavored cigar.


5. Partagas: Cuba’s national treasure

Founded in 1845, Partgas is one of the oldest brands of Havana cigars and has always been respected as the "National Treasure of Cuba". The outstanding quality of Partagas cigars has enabled it to win three gold medals at the International Cigar Expo held in Paris. In addition, Partagas also invented the innovative 8-9-8 cigar display method.

Partgas is characterized by its strong taste. The most famous products are Lusitania, the award-winning P No.2 and the thick and fat Serries D No.4. All three are larger-sized rich cigars and are a favorite among gourmets. Their ideal choice.


6. H. Upmann: Kennedy bought overnight before the embargo

According to legend, in 1961, the day before U.S. President Kennedy was about to sign a trade embargo against Cuba, he asked his secretary overnight to buy a large quantity of Upmann cigars for him. The more the better. After the secretary reported the discovery of 1,200 cigars the next day, President Kennedy shouted, "Great," and immediately took out the embargo on Cuba from the drawer and stamped it.


7. Hoyo de Monterrey: The dance between tobacco fields and brands

In 1844, Jose Gener, the founder of Friend Monterey Cigars, came to Cuba, hoping to start his own business here. In 1860, after an in-depth study of cigar and tobacco field estates in the world, Joseph Hoenel rented the best cigar field in the world today - the famous San Juan & Martinez in Cuba. ) area friends Monterey Estates. The Friends Monterey cigar brand was born, and the brand name is the name of this beautiful tobacco field estate.

Friend Monterey cigars have a rich and fresh taste, burn evenly, and can fully maintain the burning aroma and taste until the end of the smoke. Double Corona, the main variety of Friend Monterey cigars, has become an exchange target among cigar aficionados. Its value even exceeds that of various precious metals. It has a strong taste and exquisite flavor. The Friends series and La Escepcion No. 1 and No. 2 have also been recognized by people.


8. Dannemann: Royal cigar manufacturer

Brazilian cigars have the best reputation in Europe, and the most popular are those produced by German Kaufmanns Dannemann. In just a few decades, Dannemann has become the largest tobacco merchant in Bahía, Brazil, and one of the most famous Brazilian cigar traders in the world.

As early as 1883, King Dom Pedro of Brazil personally inspected and awarded Danneman the title of "Royal Cigar Maker". Dannemann's various products are favored by cigar lovers for their pure taste. The Pana Lito is the smallest cigar in the Dannemann range and is suitable for any occasion. Espada has a strong flavor and is perfect for after dinner. The Vera Cruz series is the largest cigar among Dannemann cigars. It is made from the finest slender and extra-large tobacco leaves. It has a mellow aroma, elegant packaging, and can be stored for a long time.

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