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What is a "Box Pressed Cigar"?

There is a kind of cigar whose cross-section looks different from the ordinary round shape, and it is slightly square. This kind of cigar is called "Box-pressed" cigar or "Square-pressed" cigar, which means "box-pressed" cigar in Chinese. ". So, what are the characteristics and differences of this cigar compared with ordinary cigars with a round cross section?

The Origin of Box Pressed Cigars

Many years ago, Cubans needed to pack a large number of cigars in a fixed size space. So they started to arrange the cigars a little more compactly when they were placed. This allows more cigars to fit in each box.

Since these cigars are housed in tightly spaced boxes, they will take on a square shape over time following the shape of the box. Although this is only a small change in the packaging process, and the original intention was only to save transportation space, these cigars have gradually become popular and are loved by many cigar lovers. It is said that at the time, this square cigar was popular with some sailors because they would not roll back and forth on a bumpy ship.

pressing method

Box-pressed cigars can be divided into two types according to the tools used for pressing: mold pressing and box pressing. Usually mass-produced cigars are placed in molds and pressed into shape due to the relatively large volume of production. Some limited-edition, regional-edition, small-production cigars are pressed in boxes. Since box-pressed cigars need to be squeezed during the production process, compared with ordinary cigars, this kind of cigar has the characteristics of relatively small amount of tobacco leaves, light weight, and high humidity when rolling is completed, so as to ensure that the The wrapper will not break during the pressing process.

Box Pressed Cigars vs Round Cigars

In addition to the difference in shape between box-pressed cigars and round cigars, in general, box-pressed cigars tend to burn longer and are no less rich than ordinary round cigars. Of course, some cigar smokers are still used to traditional round cigars, because some people are not used to the feeling of holding square cigars in their hands or putting them in their mouths. And some cigars prefer box-pressed cigars, because box-pressed cigars are not like round cigars, which will roll away when you lay them horizontally.

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