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Why are some cigars so hard to smoke? What is the reason?

Why are some cigars so hard to smoke? What is the reason?

When smoking a cigar, you need to inhale lightly and exhale slowly, and take a big breath to fill the entire mouth with smoke. But some cigars are very laborious to smoke, and even the cheeks are sore. Why? The root cause lies in the smoothness of the cigar. The smoothness of a cigar is crucial to the smoking experience of smokers.

What factors affect the smoothness of a cigar?

1.length of cigar. Generally, the longer the cigar, the longer the distance the smoke will travel from the ignition point to the mouth, and the more obstacles may be encountered in the middle, and the smoothness will not be as good as that of a short cigar.

2.The rolling process of cigars. If the cigarette maker does not master the technique well during the rolling process, and the palm strength of the two hands is inconsistent, it will make the tobacco leaves too tight and cause air blockage.

3.The tobacco leaves used in cigars are not ideal. For example, the tobacco leaves of the rolled tobacco core contain thick leaf stems, the tobacco leaves are too broken, etc., which will affect the smoothness of the cigar.

4.The humidity of the cigar is too high. If the humidity of the cigar is too high, it will be more difficult to smoke; another situation is that when the cigar is smoked, the head of the cigar is wetted by the saliva, which hinders the smooth flow of the smoke.

How to deal with the situation of insufficient smoothness?

Method 1: Slightly knead the middle and head of the cigar with your fingers, and press while turning, not too hard.

Method 2: To expand the opening of the cigar head, you can use cigar scissors to remove the cap part; if it is not possible, you can only use a ventilation needle to drill a little from the head to widen the airway.

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