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Cigar Accessories Kit Set 6409A

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     Product Feature:

  • Single Flame Luxurious Cigar Lighter With Metal Casing.
  • Strong Windproof Flame
  • Fuel Gauge Window.
  • Simple Single Action Thumb Depressor To Ignite Its Triple Flames.
  • Single-Use Non-slip bottom Ashtray.
  • Accommodate A Wide Range Of Cigar Ring Sizes And Be Easily Washed.
  • Double guillotine blades give sharp and clear-cut.
  • Luxury Bronze Cigar Holder.
  • Light Weight And Easily Portable,Includes A Stylish Gift Box.

  • How to Cut a Cigar

Before lighting a cigar you must cut the closed,capped end off the cigar. The closed capped end of a cigar is where you put your mouth and you must cut it to allow proper air flow through the cigar, otherwise it simply won't draw. Knowing how to cut a cigar is important because a bad cut can damage a cigar and ruin how it smokes and tastes.

You only want to remove the outer layer of wrapper. It is always better to cut too little than too much. Cut before the cap, leaving 3-4 mm or 1/8th inch.

Step 1

Hold the cigar firmly between your index finger and thumb of your less dominant had, below the cap.

Step 2

Hold the cutter with your dominant hand.

Step 3

Cut with a single, quick, strong movement to ensure a clean cut.


Never bite a cigar to cut it. Biting is an imprecise way to cut will cause the wrapper to unravel and ruin your cigar-smoking experience.

  • Attention:
  1. Butane fuel is not included in the lighter due to safety reasons.
  2. Please read user's safety instruction carefully before use.
  • User's Safety Instruction:
  1. Keep Away Form Children
  2. Ignite Utility Lighter Away Form Face And Clothes
  3. Be Sure Flame Is Out After Use
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