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Carefully selected cigar moisturizing cases Accessories reflect your personal taste

Carefully selected cigar moisturizing cases Accessories reflect your personal taste

Cigar smokers want to smoke a few cigars as long as they have enough time. When you go out in the morning, you need to bring one, two or even three cigars for the day. If you are traveling with cigars, you need to prevent them from getting damaged and drying out. Buying a portable moisturizing case is an ideal choice.

As we all know, the temperature of cigars needs to be between 18-20 degrees and the humidity needs to be between 65-75%. Most places in China cannot meet these conditions outdoors. For example, the weather in Beijing is too dry, and cigars are often damaged in a few hours. These portable moisturizing cases are very small and can be easily put into a briefcase or a small travel bag.


However, it should be noted that for all non-electronic moisturizing boxes, the humidity can be controlled, but the temperature cannot be controlled. The temperature can only be controlled physically. It can only be adjusted by the indoor air conditioner. Therefore, portable moisturizing boxes often only have a hygrometer but no thermometer.

When buying a portable humidor, first check how many cigars it can hold and whether it is the style you prefer. If you smoke one, two, or three cigars a day, then buy the corresponding humidor. If you need to travel for a few days, then you need to prepare a larger humidor.

Then check its durability, because no matter how careful you are, travel humidors are bound to get knocked around. You want to make sure it can withstand the abuse and repeated openings. And make sure the humidor still works when you stuff the bag into your luggage rack.

Even if you don't travel often, you may still need travel humidors, which are very useful for temporarily storing small quantities of cigars. When transferring cigars from the large humidor in the cigar store to your travel humidor, you should make sure that the small travel humidor keeps the cigars perfectly moist.


Sometimes, however, even a travel humidor is redundant. An alternative is to use a cigar tube or humidor to keep cigars moist enough - a good way to solve the one-time problem of carrying cigars. You can also buy some fancy silver or wooden tubes that can hold individual cigars for 72 hours. The downside is that if you smoke multiple cigars a day, you will need to buy multiple tubes. The biggest problem is that these tubes are large and bulky, and when they are put in your pocket, they may damage your clothes.

It is also a good idea to carry a well-made leather cigar box that can hold a day's worth of cigars, and the cigars that are not smoked that day can be placed in the humidor every morning. If you always smoke the same cigars, you can buy a box that can hold a day's worth of cigars. It is usually shaped like a finger and can be folded. Finger-shaped boxes provide the best protection for cigars because even if there is only one cigar, it can be placed in a secure position and will not roll or bounce around in the box. However, if you smoke different cigars, you will need a more "open" box--not a finger-shaped box--to accommodate a variety of cigars.






When buying a cigar box, it is best to wear a shirt or jacket with small pockets. Make sure the box fits into the pockets and that the bulge in the shirt (without looking like you have a gun) is not a problem. Conversely, the next time you buy a jacket or shirt, you can also bring a cigar box with you to see if it can fit into the pockets of the clothing. A good tailor should be able to modify the clothing so that you can fit the cigar box.









Likewise, when buying a humidor, it is a good idea to bring a few cigars with you to see if the humidor will fit first. Once you have your cigars hidden inside, try to see if you can dump them out or put them back in. Close the lid and make sure the box is long enough to fit the entire cigar. You may want a leather humidor to have a lining so that the cigars don't pick up the leather smell from your clothes. The thickness of the leather in the box is a personal preference. The thicker the leather, the better it will protect your cigars. But the thicker the leather, the more likely it is to add weight and bulk.

If you have a short trip and need to stay for a week, it is best to have a portable box of ten. Ferrari's humidor is suitable for business trips or in the car.

The bright red color is eye-catching, and in addition to its outstanding appearance, it has a super moisturizing effect.

This humidor is super effective. As long as it is filled with distilled water, it can maintain 65-75% humidity for two months, which is perfect for cigar aging.

The humidor is divided into two layers, the upper layer comes with a fine lighter or cigar scissors, suitable for short and thick cigars, and the lower layer is suitable for extra long cigars. You can also take out the lighter or cigar scissors on the upper layer and put ten cigars.

Finding the right humidor can take some time, and there are many factors to consider. Humidors are made with similar craftsmanship to shoes, so they can come in a wide variety of styles and require careful selection. A good humidor is not only functional, but also reflects your personal taste. 

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