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Cigar Lighter Maintenance Guide

Cigar Lighter Maintenance Guide

Cigar lighters are one of the essential items when we enter the cigar world. The compact lighter allows us to enjoy a comfortable and convenient experience when tasting cigars. Similarly, the style of the lighter also symbolizes our taste. For this friend who is always with cigars, we need to take good care of it. A well-maintained lighter will maximize its use value and allow us to always maintain a happy mood when enjoying cigars.

A high-quality cigar lighter is an indispensable friend when we embark on the cigar journey. Now, let Xiaoqia show you how to maintain a cigar lighter.


How to properly maintain and use a cigar lighter

① Light the lighter every time you refill the gas. This action can release the compressed air stored in the lighter. If it is not cleaned in time, the long-term accumulation will cause more and more compressed air in the lighter, and the gas that can be added will be relatively reduced, thus affecting the ignition process and even shortening the life of the lighter.


② When filling the lighter, you need to empty the gas inside the lighter

When there is gas left in your lighter, empty the gas as much as possible and then remove the knob at the gas injection port of the lighter.


Then point the lighter gas injection port upwards and shake the gas cylinder thoroughly before inserting it. Align the gas cylinder injection tube and the lighter gas injection port in the correct position, insert the gas cylinder injection tube vertically into the lighter gas injection port, and press hard.


③ Clean the nozzle and fuel pipe of the lighter regularly

When fine particles enter the cigar lighter, it will cause poor gas discharge. At this time, we can inject some compressed air into the fuel pipe, which can quickly clean the fuel pipe and restore the lighter to normal state.

④ Try to keep the lighter at a suitable temperature

A lighter that is too cold is not conducive to ignition. The boiling point of butane is 31 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that it is difficult to ignite a lighter in cold weather. Therefore, in winter, you can put the lighter in your pocket to keep the ambient temperature of the lighter.


● Damage to the gasket of the cigar lighter
The main reason for the gasket damage is the impact caused by the accidental drop of the lighter. At this time, if the gas leaks and makes a "whoosh" sound, we must not use the lighter to ignite.

● Avoid exposure to the sun
Never place the cigar lighter in a very high or very low temperature environment. If you put the lighter in a car with a high temperature, the plastic lighter will be deformed in this environment. Exposing the lighter to the sun for a long time will also cause the lighter to break down, and when the indoor temperature is conducive to the combustion of butane, it is best to put the lighter in your pocket.







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