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Cigar Basics---2

Cigar Basics---2

4.Cigar History
Origin of the name Cigar: The original text of cigar is not in English, and the spelling is not Cigar. It is not a noun, but a verb. The original word for cigar comes from Mayan, and the original word is Sikar. That means smoking. When Columbus discovered the New World in America in 1492, the local indigenous leader held a long pipe and gestured with Columbus. The rich smell of cigar smoke permeated the air. Columbus was amazed by the smell and asked through the interpreter: "That smoking thing What is it?" But the translation misinterpreted it as "What are you doing?" The other party replied: "Sikar". So this word became the name of the cigar, and then gradually evolved into "Cigar". After cigars entered Europe from the American continent, the Mayan name was called Cigarro in Latin, which is the language closest to the modern English spelling.

The origin of the Chinese name "cigar": In the autumn of 1924, Xu Zhimo, who had just completed the divorce procedures with his first wife Zhang Youyi, returned to Shanghai from Berlin, Germany. Over the weekend, I invited Mr. Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in a private club. Tagore was a loyal cigar smoker. While the two were smoking, Tagore asked Xu Zhimo: "Do you have a name for cigar in Chinese?" Xu Zhimo replied. : "The burning ashes of a Cigar are as white as snow, and the rolled tobacco of a Cigar is as white as an eggplant. Let's call it a cigar!"
5. Main specifications of cigars: In terms of shape, they are divided into two categories: Parejos cylindrical and Figurados conical.
A) There are eight categories of straight cigars.

1) CHURCHILL: Length 6 1/4-7 1/4 inches, ring diameter 46-50.
2) Gentleman type (CORONA): 5-6 inches long, ring diameter 42-44.
3) CORONA GORDA: Also known as ROBUSTO EXTRA, long
51/4-6 1/4 inches, ring diameter 46-50.
4) DOUBLE CORONA: Length 7-8 3/4 inches, ring diameter 48-54.
5) LONSDALE: 6-7 inches long, ring diameter 41-45.
6) PANATELA: The size of this model varies greatly, with a length of 5 1/2-7 1/2 inches and a ring diameter of 30-40.
7) PETIT CORONA: Length 4-5 1/2 inches, ring diameter 38-42.
8) ROBUSTO: The small Churchill type has become popular, with a length of 4 1/2-5 1/2 inches and a ring diameter of 48-52.
B) Irregular-shaped cigars fall into the following categories:
1) Small horn type (BELICOSO): length 5-5 1/2 inches, circle diameter 50.
2) Snake type (CULEBRA): It is three small beauty types combined into one, separated when smoking, usually 5-6 inches long
Circle diameter 38.
3) Torpedo type (DIADEMAS) usually more than 8 inches, head circle diameter 40, foot circle diameter 52-54 or larger.
4) Small torpedo type (PERFECTO): Usually the middle part is thicker, the length varies greatly, from 4 1/25) 9 inches, the circle diameter is 38-48.
5) Large trumpet type (PYRAMID): 6-7 inches long, the circle increases from 40 at the head to 52-54 at the feet.
The concentration of cigars: Generally, it can be distinguished by its color. The darker the color, the stronger the smoke flavor. In the early stages of the production process, tobacco leaves turn brown due to the disappearance of chlorophyll. During the fermentation process, the color becomes darker. The more times the fermentation occurs, the darker the color becomes. Nowadays, there are three common colors of cigars, brown (claro) and brown (natural). ) dark brown (maduro), and green (double claro) is the lightest color, ranging from brown to dark brown, slightly dark brown (colorado) and darker brown (colorado muduro), and the darkest color is black ( oscuro). If the concentration is distinguished by the depth of color, there are three common types: brown (claro) is a light-dense color, brown (natural) is a medium-dense color, and dark brown (maduro) is a dense color, and so on.
6. Cigar size
The size of cigars usually seen is marked as 6.5"×42 or 7"×48. What does it mean? Take 7"×48 as an example.
The first number indicates that the length of the cigar is 7 inches (i.e. 177.8 mm), and the second number 48 indicates the diameter of the waistband. The 48 here does not represent minutes or inches, but 1/64 of an inch. That is, 48×1/64=0.75 inches (19 mm), so 7"×48 means that the length of this cigar is 177.8 mm and the diameter is 19 mm.
Those below 39 ring gauge (1.5479CM) are thin cigars, and those above 47 ring gauge (1.8654CM) are thick cigars.
Cigar size is expressed by length and diameter. Cigar length (length) is generally measured in inches (Inch)
To represent. 1Inch=2.54cm. The diameter of the cigar (based on the head of the cigar) uses the professional term "ring diameter" (ring diameter)
Gauge or ring) to represent. Ring diameter——ring gauge.
1 ring = 1/64 inch (approximately 0.04 cm = 0.4 mm)
The metric calculation method is as follows:
Take the famous COHIBA Esplendido as an example; its length is 7 Inch and its ring diameter is 47/64 Inch.
Length conversion: 7 inch × 2.54 cm = 17.78 cm
Ring diameter: 47/64 = 47 inch × 0.04 cm = 1.88 cm

Generally, the most common brands of cylindrical cigars include:
Churchill: is a well-known brand, approximately 7 inches (17.78cm) long and 48 in diameter
Ring gauge (1.92cm). Because it was the favorite size of former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, the Romeo and Juliet Tobacco Factory in Havana named this cigar Churchill, making this cigar famous all over the world.

Lonsdale: first produced in Cuba, roughly 6 inches (15.24cm) long and 42 ring gauge (1.68cm) in diameter. Its production history is longer than Churchill. It was a dazzling social figure in Britain in the 1930s. Named after the Earl of Lonsdale.

Robusto: A short, thick cigar, approximately 5 inches (12.7cm) long and over 48 ring gauge (1.92cm) in diameter. Due to the larger circumference, the cigarette core can have more types of tobacco leaves to choose from, and its taste is richer and easier to smoke.

Panetela: It is a thin cigar with a diameter of less than 39 ring gauge. It is suitable for elegant small sips and is the best choice for women.

Corona: Approximately 5.5 to 6 inches (15.24cm) long, 40 to 44 ring gauge (1.76cm) in diameter. Due to its moderate size, people will feel that the amount of smoke is suitable when smoking, so it is the most popular brand among the public.


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