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Cigar box - Some tips for humidors

Cigar box - Some tips for humidors

Humidors are very important in cigar life, although some people use Lock seal boxes and humidifiers to preserve cigars. But if you smoke cigars for a long time, a cigar humidor is a must.

If you start using a cigar humidor, then the heavy responsibility of cigar protection depends on this box. After you get your new cigar humidor, you first need to inspect and organize the box. This is a simple process, but it is very important.
The most critical thing about a cigar humidor is its airtightness. Only a well-sealed humidor can maintain the stability of the small environment inside. It is very simple to check the tightness of the humidor. At night, turn on the flashlight of your mobile phone, put the mobile phone inside the box, and lock the box. Turn off the lights in the room and see if there is any light leakage at the joints of the box. If there is no light leakage, the box is well sealed.
One thing to do after checking your new humidor for tightness is to season it. First, wipe the inside of the humidor with a clean damp cloth. There are usually some small wood chips, dust, etc. left inside a new humidor. Clean these things before you can start using it. Then put the humidifier in the empty box to let the wood in the box humidify first. It usually takes two days to let the inside of the cigar box stabilize at the appropriate humidity, and then put the cigars in.
The best material for cigar humidors is Spanish cedar. Spanish cedar was widely used in cigar humidors in the UK. A large number of Spanish cedar cigar boxes, cigar cabinets, cigar trays, etc. were used in the UK. The name Spanish cedar became popular in the UK. Get up. But it is not produced in Spain, but imported from Brazil and other countries in Central and South America. Spanish cedar is used because it has several advantages as a wood for preserving cigars:

Not affected by cigar moth: Because cedar can emit a special smell
Semi-humid characteristics: It can better stabilize the humidity environment in the cigar box.
Promote aging: Help cigars mature and increase the flavor of cigars

But Spanish cedar is not the only wood that can be used as a cigar humidor. Generally used are American (or Canadian) red cedar, Honduran peach, etc.
There are relatively few all-solid wood cigar boxes on the market now. This production method is that the entire cigar box is made of Spanish cedar solid wood, and finally the outer surface is painted, carved, inlaid and decorated. The boxes currently on the market are mainly made of Spanish cedar wood as the inner lining, and other hardwoods, metals, fiberboards, etc. are used on the outside.

There are also a few tips when using a humidor: When using a humidor, only distilled water, purified water or moisturizing liquid can be used in the cigar humidor; if the humidor is too wet, do not put desiccant to balance it. Put cedar wood chips inside, or put a few original cigar pine boxes to slowly reduce humidity.
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