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How to light a cigar and choose the right lighter?

How to light a cigar and choose the right lighter?

Properly lighting a cigar is one of the basic skills that all cigar lovers must master. Cutting and lighting the cigar is the beginning of the cigar tasting ritual. To light a cigar, be sure to cut the cap first to allow air to circulate inside the cigar. Then we can start lighting the cigar.

How to light a cigar?

1. First of all, do not let the cigar come into direct contact with the flame. Keep the angle between the cigar and the flame at 45 degrees, just enough to allow the flame to contact the cigar without catching the tail. (The cigar will spontaneously ignite when it reaches a certain temperature, so the flame does not need to be in contact with the tail of the cigar.)

2. When the flame begins to burn around the tail of the cigar, slowly turn the cigar and bake the cigar until there is a gray ring around the tail.

3. If the filler is black, it means it has not been lit. Tilt the cigar so that the flame is pointing toward the filler, then rotate the cigar until the filler is heated to gray.

4. Finally, while slowly turning the cigar, you can put the cigar between your lips and smoke the cigar 2-3 times. You should see a yellow flame appear at the end of the eggplant. Now you can relax and start your tasting experience.

How to choose a cigar lighter?

Now that you know how to light a cigar, it's time to choose the perfect lighter. The type of flame that lights the cigar is an important factor. Different flames contain different types of chemicals, such as sulfur, which has an odor and is absorbed by the cigar, affecting its taste.

So avoid using petrol lighters, paper matches or candles. However, if the above options are all you have, make sure your flame is about 1/2 inch away from the cigar (the flame should not touch the end of the cigar) to minimize the absorption of chemicals into the cigar.

Soft flame

A great choice for beginners and ideal for lighting cigars indoors. It is relatively less hot than a jet flame, allowing you to slowly toast the cigar without overheating it. The slow process allows the cigar to be heated evenly, and the flavor is slowly released, making it more mellow. Therefore, it takes more time and patience to light your cigar.

Jet flame

The concentrated flame of the jet flame can quickly ignite cigars and can accurately ignite cigars in strong winds or outdoor environments. It is suitable for cigar lovers who are outdoors or traveling. However, we do not recommend it for novices, as the high heat of the jet flame can quickly burn the cigar.
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