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Cigar cutter - the correct way to open a cigar

Cigar cutter - the correct way to open a cigar


       Having a perfect cigar in front of you but not knowing where to start is like having a table of fragrant delicacies in front of you but not having a pair of chopsticks. Doesn’t it make you anxious and helpless?


Tasting cigars
There are three steps in total:
One cut, two points, three pieces
The first step is to cut the cigar
If you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to enjoy a cigar comfortably, you must first find the cigar equipment. The cigar cutting that Xiao Qie just mentioned is the beginning. A good cigar cutter can quickly and smoothly form a neat and uniform cut without worrying about damaging the appearance of the cigar.
So the question is: how to cut? What types of cigar cutters are there? How to choose the right cigar cutter?
Before answering these questions, let’s first talk about where to cut the cigar? Cigars have round heads and tails, and both ends should be trimmed before smoking. The cigar has a round head and a flat tail, and the head is cut into a round shape. If you still feel uncomfortable smoking, you can use cigar cutters to enlarge the opening to a suitable level. If there is any leftover after smoking, for next use, you should cut off the burning end after the cigar is extinguished. Cut off all the charred parts so that you can save it and smoke it next time without affecting the taste of the cigar.
At present, the more common cigar cutters, whether domestic or foreign, are roughly divided into five types, namely: drilling type, double-edged type, single-edged type, V-shaped type, and handle type. After understanding the outline, let's discuss it in detail by category.

Drilled cigar cutter

          The principle of the drilled cigar cutter is simple and straightforward: locate the cigar head, and then punch a hole in the center of the cigar head. The drilled cigar cutter has a small and exquisite appearance, which is beautiful and easy to carry. The hole drilled out by this type of cigar cutter is relatively small and the amount of smoke is small, making it more suitable for beginners. Moreover, there will be no failure in cutting, causing the outer wrapping layer of the cigar to be damaged or spread out.


Drill-type cigar cutters can be divided into: bullet cigar cutters, which are easy to carry and can rotate out the blade to drill holes in the cigar head; compound cigar cutters, which are safer to use and have a built-in tip that drills into the cigar head. Pull out the plug, suitable for different models of cigars.

Double blade cigar cutter

          Double-edged cigar cutters have requirements for the size of the cigar. If the cigar is too large, it will be inconvenient to use and may cause damage to the cap and wrapper. Generally speaking, double-edged cigar cutters are smoother to use and have beautiful appearance. They are usually compact and easy to carry. They are very suitable for use whether traveling or at home. You don’t have to worry about putting them in your bag or carrying them in your clothes pocket. Scratch bag or clothing.

Steps to use a double-edged cigar cutter:

Step 1: Find the cutting end, which is the end with the eggplant cap or trademark on the round head.
Step 2: Locate the cutting line. The cutting line must be on the eggplant cap. Determine the size of the incision according to your own smoke volume.
Step 3: Hold the cigar cutter with your thumb and index finger, hold the cigar with the other hand, and slowly place the cigar between the two blades.
Step 4: Gently rotate the cigar left and right, cut hard, and cut in place to achieve "fast, accurate and ruthless".
Tips for using double-edged cigar cutters: The key to cutting is to cut in one step, two sections with one cut. The sharper the cigar cutter, the more powerful it will be, so it is absolutely right to choose a sharp cigar cutter.


Single blade cigar cutter

Single-edged cigar cutters may not be able to be used on large cigars. Single-edged cigar cutters come in a wide variety of appearance styles, but since the scissors have to be stretched out from the bottom to cut downwards, the blades are prone to loosening, affecting the cutting. This type of cigar cutter is generally used with a set of cigar ashtrays to ensure that the cigar cutter is stable and convenient to use.

How to use single-edged cigar cutters:

Step 1: Install the single-edged cigar cutter into the groove of the cigar ashtray.
Step 2: Lift the single-edged knife and place the head of the cigar to be cut into the opening of the cigar cutter.
Step 3: Hold the cigar with one hand and use the other hand to quickly press down on the handle to complete the cut.

V-shaped cigar cutter


As the name suggests, the V-shaped cigar cutter cuts a V-shaped cut. The biggest advantage of this type of cigar cutter is that it will not cause damage to the outer layer of the cigar due to excessive cuts, and when you cut the V-shaped cut, When smoking a cigar, you can try to lightly add the cutouts with the tip of your tongue, which will make you feel a different emotion when smoking a cigar. The V-shaped cigar is cut at a deeper angle, so the cut is larger, making it suitable for experienced cigar smokers.



handle cigar cutter


The shape is just like the scissors we use in our daily life. Its advantage is that it can be cut casually and at will. However, due to its large size, it is not suitable for carrying around. For those who are new to cigars, the strength is difficult to control. If you don’t use it well, it will easily scratch the wrapper of the cigar and make the cuts uneven.





Each cigar cutter has a different usage. The use of cigar cutters is an essential skill for smoking cigars. I hope that today’s introduction will make you more comfortable in the process of smoking cigars.

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