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How to use a cigar humidor correctly?

How to use a cigar humidor correctly?

The mellow aroma of cigars is unforgettable for a long time. For cigar smokers, high-quality cigars are as precious as treasures, but cigars are also very fragile. We need to store cigars in a constant temperature and humidity environment so as not to affect their taste. Some cigar lovers will ask: Is the refrigerator environment suitable for cigars? Liangxu does not recommend this. Maybe you can try a cigar humidor.
The selection of materials for a humidor is very particular. The selected wood will be air-dried outdoors for at least ten years and cannot experience any wind or rain. The wood body must be flawless to be competent. Next, Liangxu will tell you how to use a cigar box correctly.
The first step is to humidify the humidifier. First, take out all the items in the humidifier, including the tray, humidifier and hygrometer. Then wipe the entire inside of the box with a cloth soaked in distilled water until the wood appears moist. It should be noted that if this method is used frequently, the wooden structure of the humidor may be damaged, causing the humidor to not be tightly sealed. After wiping, just wipe away the excess water in the box, so that the moisturizing effect of the humidor can be even.
The second step is to humidify the humidity regulator. We first immerse the humidity regulator in distilled water and keep it for about 15-20 minutes until the sponge inside is filled with water. Then leave the regulator after absorbing the water for about 10 minutes. , wipe it dry with a dry cloth to ensure that no water droplets flow out. Liangxu will tell you another little secret: Just shake the conditioner gently to let the water that has not been absorbed by the sponge flow out. Every 2 to 5 weeks, you need to recharge the humidity conditioner!
The third step is to adjust the hygrometer. We put the hygrometer into the soaked cloth and keep it for about an hour. Adjust the humidity reading to between 95% and 100%.
After completing the above steps, put the humidifier and hygrometer back into the humidifier, close the box, and let it dry for about six hours, so that you can store the cigars perfectly.

It is worth noting that the humidor should not be exposed directly to light or next to electronic equipment. Doing so will increase the temperature inside the box and may damage the structure of the box in severe cases. Generally speaking, it is enough to place the humidor in a dry and ventilated place.
And in daily use, we need to keep the temperature inside the humidor at around 20°C. If it is higher than this temperature, there is a risk of insects. In summer, we can store the humidor in an air-conditioned room to maintain the temperature of the humidor between 20°C and 22°C. In winter, remember not to place the humidor next to a heating device, otherwise it will easily cause the temperature inside the box to rise.

Seeing this, have you learned to use a cigar humidor? Giving your beloved cigar a warm "home" will make it exude the purest aroma.


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