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Cigar's cigar accessories for cigar knowledge points -Ashtraktta for cigar

Cigar's cigar accessories for cigar knowledge points -Ashtraktta for cigar

It is said that if you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. When cigar smokers smoke cigars, have they ever paid attention to those ordinary cigar accessories?

When it comes to accessories, most cigar smokers may carefully select exquisite cigar cutters or excellent lighters, but when it comes to choosing cigar ashtrays, cigar smokers pay less attention to them.

Why Use Cigar Ashtrays

Generally speaking, cigar smokers who pursue high quality will not use ordinary ashtrays to hold cigar ashes.

Because cigars are not like ordinary cigarettes, the ashes of ordinary cigarettes can be ejected at any time, and the ashes left behind are usually scattered, so the ashes of cigarettes only need a place to hold them, and a disposable cup is acceptable.

Cigar ash is different. A complete cigar can leave a complete ash state after burning out, so a cigar ashtray that can support its length and ashes is needed.

At the same time, cigar ash is a factor in judging the quality of a cigar. The burnt cigar ashes are left in the ashtray. Experienced cigar smokers can judge the quality and age of the cigar by its color and tightness.

In addition, smoking a cigar can be said to be a pleasant and lazy thing. You can feel the relaxation and pleasure brought by the cigar while puffing away the smoke. So if we encounter an unexpected incident while smoking a cigar and force you to put down the cigar in your hand, how should you deal with the cigar?

Just throw it away? Too wasteful; set aside? The flame will burn sideways and soot will fall everywhere.

At this time, the cigar ashtray comes in handy. You can place the cigar directly flat on the groove of the cigar ashtray and let it extinguish naturally, which saves worry and effort.


How to choose a cigar ashtray

Speaking of which, are cigar lovers already eager to buy cigar ashtrays? Don’t worry, there is something special about choosing a cigar ashtray.

First, you need to make sure that the cigar ashtray you buy is large enough to hold your daily cigars. Different types of cigars have different ring diameters and lengths, so you need to make sure that the ashtray you buy can accommodate the size of the cigars you usually smoke.

Secondly, consider your personal smoking habits and choose a cigar ashtray that suits you.

For example, if you choose a lighter-colored cigar ashtray, you can not only observe the changes in the ash during burning, but also clearly distinguish the ash that fell into the cigar ashtray and the ash that remains on the cigar. the difference between.

Groove options for cigar ashtrays

Different types of cigar ashtrays have different numbers of grooves, usually ranging from one to four, and each groove corresponds to a cigar. Cigar smokers need to choose according to their actual situation.

The single-slot cigar ashtray has a mini size and various styles. It is suitable for one person to use. It can also be carried with you when you go out. You don’t have to worry about having nowhere to put the cigar ashes when you smoke.



As the so -called Music Lele is not as good as Zhongle, about three or five confidantes, and the beauty of cigars when we are slightly fooled. At this time, the multi -slot ashtray is one of the essential objects.

For example, the dual -groove ashtray can be placed in two different flavors of cigars at the same time, which is suitable for use in one or two people, but if there are many friends, the four -groove cigar ashtray will appear.

In fact, the initial prototype of the ashtray of the cigar is based on the four -gropho -based design concept. When designing the ashtray, people found that each table had four orientation for four people to suck. Therefore, in order to maximize the use of a cigar ashtray, people designed a cigar ashtray with four grooves, which is today's four -groove cigar ashtray. 


It can be seen that if it is solo sucking cigar, it is enough to choose a small and portable single -grocery ashtray; but if you enjoy the cigars together, you need to use a multi -slot ashtray


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