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Cigars or cigarettes, which one has the greatest impact on health?

Cigars or cigarettes, which one has the greatest impact on health?

Many people think that bigger cigars are more harmful? For example, a classic Robusto size cigar is generally 4.5 inches in size, 50 ring gauge, and can be smoked for an hour. This seems to be much more harmful than cigarettes, but the opposite is true.

This starts with the difference in composition between cigars and cigarettes and the difference between smoking cigars and smoking cigarettes.

The main body of a cigar is composed of three parts: wrapper, binder, and filler.

(The three parts of the cigar body)

The first layer of the cigar is the wrapper, which is the thinnest top tobacco leaf and generally needs to be fermented to ensure it is smooth, non-greasy and slightly fragrant.

The second layer of the cigar is the binder, whose function is to roll the cigars together. The binder is usually made from the thicker leaves with more sunlight in the upper part of the tobacco plant. The binder has enough tension to hold together the binders made of three or even four different tobacco leaves.

The third layer of the cigar is the filler. The filler is not a kind of tobacco leaf. It is a hand-folded filler: 3 different tobacco leaves, 3 different maturation times, and 3 different levels of flavor.

You can see that the cigar is pure tobacco leaf.

(ageed cigar tobacco leaves)

The composition of a cigarette is to dry the tobacco, cut it into shreds, and then roll it into a cylindrical strip with a length of about 120mm and a diameter of 10mm. The biggest difference between cigarettes and cigars is that cigarettes need to add chemicals, including flavoring agents and combustion aids. agents and so on.

(Cigarette tobacco blending)

(cigarette rolling)

To make cigarettes, tobacco leaves must be made into shredded tobacco, which is technically called shredded tobacco. The process of making silk is divided into three relatively independent processes and combinations: making leaves, cutting stems, and making leaves. Then the leaves, stems, and flakes are evenly mixed and blended, and then sprayed with flavors and fragrances after cooling. .

This means that cigars and cigarettes are actually completely different. One is pure alcoholized tobacco, and the other is an artificial product with added chemical agents.

Long-term absorption of any chemical agent can only increase the harm.

In addition, the correct way to eat cigars is not to inhale the smoke into the lungs, but to use the mouth as the organ to enjoy the cigars. Cigarettes usually enter the lungs through the mouth and are exhaled from the lungs.

After smoke is inhaled into the lungs, the lungs have millions of alveoli, which are tiny sacs where gas exchange occurs. These alveoli provide a huge surface area (90 times larger than the area of ​​the skin), thus providing sufficient contact surface for nicotine, tar and other compounds. Once in the bloodstream, nicotine travels to the brain almost immediately.

Although nicotine has many different effects throughout the body, its action in the brain is responsible for both the pleasure smokers get from smoking and the grumpiness they get when they try to quit (for more information, see Addiction and abstinence part). Within 10 to 15 seconds after inhalation, most smokers will enter a state under the influence of nicotine.

Although human skin and mucous membranes (such as the lining of the nose and gums) can also absorb nicotine, tar, etc., their efficiency is not at the same level as that of the alveoli.

Therefore, cigars are less addictive and healthier than cigarettes.

Of course, this does not mean that cigars are completely healthy. Smoking too many cigars can also cause a series of problems such as oral cancer, but it is still healthier than cigarettes.

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