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Do different cuts affect the richness of a cigar?

Do different cuts affect the richness of a cigar?

There are different types of openings for cigars: flat opening, punched opening, V-mouth opening, and slant opening. Many old cigar smokers believe that the smaller the cut port, the higher the richness, so they prefer V ports and punched holes. So do different cutting methods really affect the richness of the cigar?


What are the ways to cut a cigar?

Flat opening, suitable for cutting conventional straight-cylinder cigars, has the largest opening volume, the most permeability, and the largest smoke output.

The opening is suitable for newbies and is easy to use. The cutting opening is not only beautiful, but also protects the opening from being soaked by saliva.

The V-port has an open hole and the incision is beautiful. The best thing is that it can protect the cigar from damage. When the cigar head is wet with saliva, it can be repaired with cigar scissors. Many smokers assume that such an open style can force the smoke to concentrate in the middle and increase the richness, but this is not the case.

Open it diagonally, like on a thunder or pyramid-shaped cigar. This way, the transparency will be improved and the phenomenon of oil accumulation will be reduced a lot.

What effects do different cuts have on cigars?

The size of the cigar's cutting port will directly affect the smoothness of the smoking process and the smoothness of burning. The smaller the cutting port, the stronger the resistance to smoking, and the easier it is to extinguish the cigar during the smoking process; if the cutting port is too large, Even if it exceeds the shoulder part of the wrapper, the wrapper will easily spread out and the suction resistance will become smaller, making people lose the pleasure of smoking.

Secondly, the size of the cutting mouth will also affect the taste of the cigar. When smoking, the flavor of the cigar is mainly produced by the baking of the filler. If the cutting opening is too large, the cigar will burn completely and the bitter taste will increase. If the cutting opening is too small, the cigar will not burn easily and will be tasteless.

The richness of the cigar is determined by the ratio of filler leaves, so no matter what kind of opening, it has no obvious impact on the richness.


When we taste cigars, the two most commonly used tools are cigar spray guns and cigar cutters. However, there is no single type of cigar cutter. There are five types: single-edged, double-edged, hand-held, drilled, and V-shaped. Many friends will ask why ordinary scissors can't cut cigars? Professional cigar cutters are specially designed to cut cigars according to the shape of the cigar. The concave and convex edges of the cutter are suitable for the shape of the cigar, so that smooth cigars can be cut to the right diameter. Below we will explain the correct usage of two types of V-shaped and drilled cigar cutters.

Which end should I cut on a cigar?

1. If the cigar is sealed at both ends, both ends need to be cut before smoking.

2. If the cigar has a round head and a flat tail, the round head needs to be cut.

3. The cigar has a round head and a flat tail. If the round head has an opening or a hole, you can choose not to cut it. However, if you still feel uncomfortable smoking, you can use cigar cutters to enlarge the opening to a suitable level.

4. If there is any leftover after smoking, you can use it next time. After the cigar is completely extinguished, just cut off the burning end. Cut off all the charred parts so that they can be stored and smoked next time without affecting the taste of the cigar.


Different ways to cut cigars

01.Straight cut type

The straight cut method should be the most popular and commonly used cigar cutting method at present. There are many types of cigar tools that can accomplish this kind of cutting, with various styles and names, such as single-edged cigar cutters, double-edged cigar cutters, handle-type cigar cutters, guillotine-type cigar cutters, etc. Of course, the most popular one is the double-edged cigar cutter. It is beautifully made, simple and easy to operate, and has become the first choice of many cigar smokers.

Reminder: When we use a straight-cut cigar cutter, try not to cut the wrapper too much. Although straight cut can control a wide range, if it is not operated properly, it is easy to cut the wrapper and the wrapper will be cut. falling off condition. This greatly affects our cigar experience.

02.V-shaped incision type

V-shaped incision, we usually refer to it as V-cut. This kind of incision generally requires the use of special cigar cutters, that is, V-shaped cigar cutters. Its cutter is V-shaped. Its advantage is that it is durable and can be cut even if it is cut. After cutting thousands of cigars, its cutter is still sharp.

This V-shaped cut looks handsome, unique, clean and regular, but it is also its biggest shortcoming. After all, not all cigar caps are deep enough for you to use a V-shaped cigar cutter. If the cap is not deep enough, using a V-shaped cigar cutter will cause the wrapper on the head of the cigar to spread out.

The best thing about a V-shaped cigar cutter is that it won't damage the outer layer of the cigar due to too much cutting, and after you cut the V-shaped incision, you can try to lightly add the cut with the tip of your tongue when smoking the cigar. The cut will give you a different flavor when you smoke the cigar. V-shaped cigar scissors, as the name suggests, cut out a V-shaped cut. This type of cigar scissors is also more beautiful in appearance and easy to carry. However, there is usually a requirement for the size of the cigar. Larger cigars may not use V-shaped cigar scissors. Hold the cigar scissors with one finger on top and four fingers below. The scissors are 90 degrees to the cigar and cut off the cigar cap.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following points when using the V-shaped incision:

1. The V-shaped cigar is cut at a deeper angle, so the cut is larger. When using this type of cigar cutter, be careful not to over-cut, otherwise the wrapper will easily fall apart and the cigar will feel hot when you smoke it.

2. Hold the cigar cutter with your dominant hand and the cigar with the other hand, with the blade open.

3. Place the cigar inside the knife edge, and do not push the cigar tip too far into the knife edge to prevent the incision from being too large.

03.Drilled cigar cutter cutting

This cutting method is favored by many experienced eggplant friends and is easy to operate. Even a novice cigar cutter can easily reach proficiency, and there is basically no threshold to speak of. Of course, this method of opening holes has advantages and disadvantages.

Generally, drill-type cigar cutters are used to punch holes in cigars. These cigar cutters are generally small and exquisite, and are very suitable for us to carry out every day. But precisely because of this advantage, it is often easy to get lost, especially for the detachable drilled cigar cutter. It is composed of several different accessories. If one of the parts is lost, it will be lost. will lose its use value. Of course, an all-in-one drilled cigar cutter would be much better.

Drilled cigars: The scissors are usually compact, usually in the shape of a pocket watch or a small keychain, which are beautiful in appearance and easy to carry. Drilled cigar cutters are more suitable for beginners because the opening of this cigar cutter is relatively small, which is suitable for beginners who do not have such large inhalation requirements. There will also be no chance of unsuccessful cutting, causing the outer wrapping layer of the cigar to be damaged or spread out. The contemporary use of drilled cigars and drilled cigar cutters are in a parallel state. The blade is aligned with the center of the cap and rotated left and right. (It should be noted that the force should be moderate. If it is too small, it will not turn. If it is too large, it will turn easily. If it reaches the core of the cigar and affects the smoking effect of the cigar), when it is pulled out after reaching a certain depth, the cap will fall off on its own. However, since drilled cigar cutters generally make smaller holes, if you want a larger inhalation volume, you can use the center of the cap as the center of the circle, turn one on the top, and then one or two on the cross.


1. Choose the right drilled cigar cutter. The principle of drilled cigar cutters is to drill holes in the cap to facilitate smoking. There are three types:

[Bullet Cigar Cutter]: Can be hung on the key chain, and the blade can be rotated out to drill holes in the cigar head.

[Havana Cigar Cutter]: Safer to use than bullet cigar cutters, the built-in tip can be drilled into the cigar head, and the plug can be pulled out after drilling.

[Composite Cigar Cutter]: Suitable for different types of cigars.

2. If possible, please choose a cigar cutter of appropriate size and drill the blade into the cap.

3. After drilling into the cap, rotate the blade firmly to drill a small hole in the cap, then pull out the blade and bring out the cutting part.

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