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Cracking of cigars is normal

Cracking of cigars is normal

We often encounter this problem when storing cigars. After the cigars have been stored for a period of time, we find that some cigar wrappers are cracked. This kind of situation is actually not uncommon. It is not easy to keep the cigars in a good storage environment for a long time, and at the same time take care of the cigars frequently. Especially when there are many cigars, this experience is almost always there. Cigar cracking generally occurs mainly at the head and foot of the cigar, because these two places are more stressed by the cigar wrapper, and these two places are more likely to encounter bumps.

One reason for the cracking of the cigar wrapper is that the environment in which the cigars are stored is too dry, and the wrapper is very thin, and it is easy to crack once it is dehydrated. Another reason is that sudden changes in the environment during storage, such as large changes in temperature and humidity, are also prone to cracking. Another reason is that the dryness and wetness of the cigars are inconsistent in some places, and some places are tightened, so the wrapper will also crack. Of course, another reason is that during the rolling process of cigars, some places are not rolled ideally, and the possibility of cracking is very high.

There are several ways to deal with cracking. If it is slightly cracked and the cigar is going to be smoked soon, it is enough to glue it with saliva, especially when the head of the cigar is cracked. In many cases, even if the cigar is not cracked, when the cigar head is cut off, because the cigar is relatively dry or the cigar cutter is not sharp enough, there will be a little crack when the cap is cut off, so just use saliva to glue it a little. If a cigar is about to be smoked, gluing the cracked head of the cigar with your own drool is not only harmless but justified. Basically all cigar smokers deal with this kind of problem when they encounter this kind of problem.

If the wrapper is severely cracked, it is recommended to use edible pectin to bind it. Pectin is used to make jelly or to be used on the surface of the cake during baking. Mix pectin powder with a little pure water, stir it into a paste, and stick the pectin along the direction of the wrapper to bond the cracked part. There is also the kind of pasty pectin that can be used directly. After the pectin is bonded, the wrapper is relatively tight, but it looks like there will be syrup on the surface. Let the bonded cigar dry for a few minutes and the wrapper is set.

The most important thing to prevent wrappers from cracking is proper preservation, but even in the best storage environment, sometimes cracking of wrappers is unavoidable, and wrapper cracking is normal and common.

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