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Everything you need to know about smoking a cigar for the first time

Everything you need to know about smoking a cigar for the first time

Choose cigars
1) Beginners should choose small-sized, light-weight cigars as a starting point. Firstly, it will save money, and secondly, they will not be choked. At the same time, they can try different brands and cigars with different characteristics.
2) Do not choose cigars with too dark or too light tobacco leaves, and at the same time, gently pinch the cigars to ensure the best elasticity. If it is too tight or too loose, it will affect it. If it is too dry or too wet, it means that it is not stored properly. After a period of rest, try to inhale it.

3) Blacken the cigar head with a cigar lighter or a match (let the match head burn for a while to remove the smell of sulfide), then hold it in your mouth, and turn it while sucking to make the cigar evenly lit.
4) Relax completely, sit on the large and comfortable sofa, leave the smoke in your mouth and taste it slowly, just like tasting the most mellow wine. If you are a man, you may want to loosen your tie so that you don't stress your neck muscles when smoking a cigar.

Save cigars
1) Cuban cigars should be stored in an environment of 16-18 degrees and 65% humidity.
2) Avoid direct sunlight. If the cigar is too dry, it will lose its original taste, and if the cigar is too wet, it will become moldy and more likely to have insects. Therefore, cigars must be properly preserved to ensure the quality of cigars.
3) Well-preserved and aged cigars taste more mellow, which can remove the spicy taste of new cigars.

Cut cigar
1) When cutting the cigar head, it should be of proper size so that the flavor of the cigar can be absorbed, but do not cut off the entire sealing end, otherwise the curling leaf will come loose.
2) Use professional cigar scissors or cutters, do not use ordinary V-shaped scissors and matches, as this will cause the cigar head to scatter or the tobacco leaves will be squeezed and cannot be smoked.
3) The most common scissors and cutters available today, including double-sided scissors, guillotine scissors, punch scissors, pipe scissors and professional cigar scissors.

1) Use an odorless fire to light the cigar so as not to affect the flavor of the cigar.
2) When you do not have a gas lighter, use wooden matches or an electronic lighter.
3) Lighting a cigar is completely different from lighting a cigarette. Do not light a cigar with a high flame. When lighting, place the cigar near and above the flame.
4) Turn the cigar and put it near and above the flame to make it burn fully and evenly.
5) Wait patiently until the whole cigar burns evenly.
6) When the cigar is fully and evenly lit, shake the cigar a few times with your hands or blow on the burning part of the cigar to help the cigar burn naturally in the air.

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