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Don’t Let Your Style Fail the “TEST” of a Cigar

Don’t Let Your Style Fail the “TEST” of a Cigar

If you stub out your cigar like a cigarette,

Stubbed cigars emit an unpleasant smell,

The ashtray is an unbearable mess.

From that moment on,

Your style has lost to the "test" of a cigar!

After Columbus discovered the New World on his voyage in 1492,

Another important discovery is the Indians in Cuba

Using palm leaves or plantain leaves,

Roll dry twisted tobacco leaves and smoke them,

This is the original cigar "sikar" (Mayan language, meaning smoking).

And it became popular throughout Europe in the future.

The Chinese name of the cigar comes from a meal of "big coffee"

Xu Zhimo and Liang Qichao hosted a banquet for the world-class writer Rabindranath Tagore.

Rabindranath Tagore, an authentic cigar drinker, asked Xu Zhimo a question:

“Do you have a name for cigar in chinese?”

(Can you give "cigar" a Chinese name?)

After Xu Zhimo thought for a while,

Said: Cigar tobacco is rolled like an eggplant and burns like snow, so it is called a cigar.

Since then, the beautiful translation of cigar has been widely accepted by the world.

Temperature and temperament
Its value is more than itself
Like Bentley cars, golf equipment,
Single malt whiskey

Cigars also have all the hallmarks of a luxury product.
They are commodities and works of art.

Behind them is a spiritual culture that has been passed down for centuries
with unparalleled craftsmanship support.

From tobacco leaf planting, harvesting, drying, fermentation to rolling,

The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, just like the birth of a work of art.

The cigar itself represents an extraordinary style,

It also means that it is worth a lot of money.

You know, all art and luxury goods

Its value lies in more than just itself.

Cigars are experiential products that focus on the experience in the process.

And use good accessories to support the cigar and participate in this process.

You will get visual, tactile and taste

Everyone will feel better.

Because no one will refuse "a better experience".

Cigar quality inspection station

An ashtray is to a cigar as a wine glass is to a red wine.

An excellent cup can enhance the senses during tasting.

It will be more than you can use different styles, but the same rough different cup shapes.

The same principle applies to cigar ashtrays.

Because cigars are not like ordinary cigarettes,

Ordinary cigarette ashes just need a place to hold them.

Disposable cups are also an environmentally friendly option.

Cigars need their own special space;

to support its length and ashes.

The body left behind when the cigar burns out,

It is like a medical examination report of the cigar (it will never be faked).

Pop a third of the burned cigarette into the ashtray.

An old cigar smoker passes the color, tightness

You can judge the quality and age of this cigar.

Therefore, the cigar ashtray is not only an accessory tool to support cigars,

It’s also a quality inspection station for cigars!

Art has the power to unite and connect

The charm of cross-border is not only reflected in the visual,

It is more reflected in the sense of thinking.

The combination of purple sand and cigar,

It is also a collision between two cultures.

In view of their respective uniqueness and profound cultural heritage,

Maybe write a book specifically,

There is no end to the legendary charm of cigars and purple sand.

Zisha culture has developed through a long history to modern times.

has presented a new situation and diversification,

No longer completely bound by traditional consciousness.

Breaking the definition of daily use, functionalization, etc.,

There will be more things waiting to collide with it.

Design is an art, and the essence of design lies in beauty.

But the most important thing is its completeness and practicality.

This work is different from the common ones on the market

Glass, metal, white porcelain ashtrays

In terms of material alone, I chose Yangxian purple sand.

This is an industry first.

After combining the reasonable usability of styling design,

The author artistically created its richness using traditional lacquer.

Because of the unique material of lacquer, it is made of purple sand.

The surface of the vessel is inlaid with five colors of earth and pure gold.

The body and bottom of the vessel are painted with black gold lacquer.

Different textures and textures are mixed in the same picture.

The resulting effect makes it more expressive and tense.

All this comes from the author's sensitivity to beauty.

A fine cigar and a luxurious cigar set,

A humidor, a cup of premium wine,

A group of friends, a space of your own

While savoring its mellow taste,

You have been exposed to cigar culture.

Tasting cigars is an adventure for the senses.

A journey of discovery,

After smelling tobacco burning and

When smoking the unique aroma of roasting,

Let the smoke swirl in your mouth, and then exhale slowly.

surrounded by smoke;

After you've tasted it, just place it next to the ashtray.

After a few seconds, it will turn off automatically.

This kind of gentlemanly demeanor will be respected by others.

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