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Hand-rolled Works of Art, the Charm of Cuban Cigars

Hand-rolled Works of Art, the Charm of Cuban Cigars

Cuban craftsmen

Just use your rough palm-printed hands

Gently twist the piece of tobacco

Then through the slightly cloudy pupils

a slight glance

A work of art is born with bare hands

You just need to open your nose slightly, smell and taste lightly

(Artisans hand-made Cuban top-quality cigars)

Cuban cigars are never “tobacco” but art

Cuban handmade cigars are extremely exquisitely made, and the cigar core is made from three types of tobacco leaves.

These dried and fermented tobacco leaves are sorted and selected by experienced craftsmen. Any tobacco leaves containing impurities cannot escape their sharp eyes.

The selected tobacco leaves will be made by Cuban craftsmen and become real works of art. Now the process of making Cuban handmade cigars is no longer a tedious and repetitive "work", but a carving and artistic creation of handmade works of art.

Cuban craftsman and his world record roll

Cuban cigar maker Jose Castral made a cigar 81.8 meters long and 4 centimeters in diameter in Havana in 2011. It was confirmed that it broke the Guinness World Record for the longest cigar.

Castral, 67, started making this cigar on April 25, working eight hours a day and using more than 90 kilograms of tobacco. Cuban tobacco is world-famous, so the record for the longest cigar in the world should be held by Cubans. The previous Guinness World Record for the longest cigar was set by Americans Wallace Reye and Margarita Reye in November 2009, with a length of 59.82 meters.

Patrick, the British diplomat responsible for measuring the length of the cigars, said: "This work is amazing!"

In Cuba, craftsmen like Jose Castral Carlo have already polished themselves into real artists.


It is this fertile land that gives life to Cuban cigars

If Cuban craftsmen are the artists who create Cuban handmade cigars, then the charming aroma of Cuban cigars must be due to this fertile land.

Everyone believes that only the fertile land of Cuba can grow Cuban cigars with such a charming aroma. Only Cuban handmade cigars polished by Cuban craftsmen can become the finest cigars.

Sipping cigars on the streets of Cuba is like a performance art

If you walk in Old Havana, Cuba, you will definitely see retro-style classic cars, and there will definitely be many people tasting Cuban cigars on the street. You see, they look like street performance artists, proudly displaying their art to tourists from all over the world. They look very cool, don't they?

Everyone who goes to Cuba becomes a “Cuban cigar payer.”


In 1960, the United States issued a trade embargo against Cuba, which had a great impact on the export of Cuban cigars. After that, many American cigar lovers could not legally enjoy cigars, and due to scarcity, the price of Cuban cigars was pushed up higher and higher. Even President Kennedy of the United States quickly asked his assistants to purchase 1,200 cigars from Cuba for his collection before the embargo policy.

Cuban cigars are a kind of art that can be collected and are worth paying for. Cuban handmade cigars are the best among cigars. Its life originates from this fertile land, and Cuban craftsmen have pushed this work of art to the top of the world.

Top-quality Cuban cigars are handmade and recognized as the best cigars in the world.


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