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Follow these steps to enjoy your cigars

Follow these steps to enjoy your cigars

01. Smell Cigar
After we open the cigar package, we need to take out the cigar, put it two or three centimeters away from the nose, and smell its fragrance. This is an essential step for senior cigar consumers before enjoying cigars. It should be noted that the cigars just received should not be smoked immediately, the cigars are too dry or too wet will affect the taste of smoking, the cigars that have been kept in the humidor for at least two weeks or longer are most suitable.

02. Cigar Cut
In order to maintain the original flavor of the cigar, one end of the cigar is closed, so the cigar should be cut before enjoying the cigar.
When you get a cigar, you must first use cigar cutters to cut off the cap. The end used to smoke a cigar is called the head, and the other end is the foot. The head is easy to distinguish because it is wrapped by the cap. The wrapper is a small round piece of tobacco leaf that is used to hold the wrapper. The head end is closer to the logo on the cigar.

Find the "shoulders" of the cigar. The curved end of the cigar will straighten out at this point, please keep the curved end intact when cutting.Hold the cigar cutter between the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand.

Place the cigar in the clip of the cigar cutter and check with one eye that the head is aligned and the cut is above the shoulder. It's better to cut less than more. You can continue to trim if you cut less, but you can't connect the over-cut part. So take precautions.

Cut hard, cut in place. Hold the cigar firmly with the other hand and don't let it slip until the cut is complete.
The key to cutting is to do it in one step. It's better to cut two pieces at once, rather than slowly cutting.

03. Light a cigar
When choosing a burning appliance, it must be ensured that the burning appliance has no peculiar smell. Better cigar burners include matches without sulfur, butane and fuel lighters, etc.
When lighting a cigar, do not light the cigar as soon as the burner is lit, but wait for the flame to stabilize, then hold the cigar horizontally, tilt the end to be lit downward at 45 degrees, and slowly approach the upper end of the flame by 2.5 cm place, rotate it slowly for one circle, and after the cigar is preheated, put the cigar close to the flame, and light the cigar slowly and evenly.

04. Smoke a cigar
The first puff of the cigar is a light puff, not a puff. After the first step is completed, don't rush to take a second puff. When you smell the real aroma of the cigar, you can start enjoying the cigar.
When smoking a cigar, it cannot be as casual as when smoking a cigarette. Don't smoke too hard, cigars are not something to suck into your lungs. If he smoked a cigar like a cigarette, he might have fainted, because the cigar inhaled into his lungs contained five times the nicotine and tar content of a regular cigarette.
The correct way is to slowly take a puff of the cigarette into your mouth, and let the smoke hover in your mouth for a while, so as to fully taste the pure and rich cigar. After that, slowly spit out the smoke, intoxicated by the smoke.

05. Cigar ash
In the specific process of smoking a cigar, it is also necessary to pay attention not to frequently flick off the ash of the cigar, because the ash of the cigar has a good effect on maintaining the temperature of the cigar, so it is best to keep an inch when enjoying the cigar. Up to an inch and a half of ash on the cigar for better flavor.

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