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The Advanced Cigar Connoisseur's Guide

The Advanced Cigar Connoisseur's Guide

Best Bet: Cuban Cigars

Why are Cuban cigars the best? After studying geography and comparing cigars from different origins, I found that the reason is simple: sugar. All the good flavor in all cigars is essentially derived from the sugar and oils in the tobacco leaves, and Cuba is where the best quality sugar cane is grown and therefore the best quality cigar tobacco. Has the most sugar, and therefore all good-tasting possibilities. Agricultural products depend on the sky for food, there is no way, the tobacco leaves in this land are the best. This principle is the same as tea, coffee, and wine. Leaving Cuba, even if the cigars in Dominica and other places are the best, they still lack that flavor (it is not as simple as "sweet", but a lot of changes brought about by the fermentation and alcoholization formula of sugar).

A friend who has smoked cigars for five or six years came to me and told me that there is no sweetness and floral fragrance, and that I was lying. Go back and smoke exactly what I wrote, almost all brown coat Cuban cigars (except for Cohiba and Trinida, which is another flavor system), you will find it, it is not difficult at all. If you just like the single, high-end, soft bean fragrance? In addition to Cohiba and Trinida, most of the Davidoffs produced in Dominica are fine.

How to choose a petite or a long and stout cigar

The cigar's bulky size is very uncomfortable, and even a bit comical to look at. Why do cigars have to be so thick and inconvenient to smoke? In fact, A. The larger the volume of the cigar, the richer the variety of tobacco leaves together to form the rich taste of this cigar; B. The larger the volume, the less likely it will be over-burned and the less smoke; C. The time for the body of the cigar to be fumigated by heat The longer the time, the fuller and fuller the aroma; D. The current experience is that only Robusto and above cigars, after smoking for a long time, may have a special flavor in the tobacco leaves due to the fumigation and heating for a long enough time. The scent came out, it was wonderful. If the volume and length of the cigar is not enough, there will be no such changes and sublimation.

So why are there so many different sizes of Cuban cigars? I think it's because tobacco leaves have size. You can't throw away all the top-quality tobacco leaves that are not big enough, that's called waste. Then, the difference between thick and thin is that the thick one is rolled with more kinds of tobacco leaves, the taste is richer, but it is easy to extinguish, and the thinner one has a relatively simple taste, but the fire is easier to control and burns more evenly; the difference between long and short is Yes, with the same thickness, the long ones can be burned longer than the short ones; and some long ones will have a particularly good taste in the second half.

Hand rolled cigars are fine

Many people say that hand-rolled cigars are good, but the mechanism is not good. That's right. but why? Cuban labor is not expensive, and the cost of machinery plus depreciation is not low. The essential reason is that hand-rolling can roll several leaves of different sizes and tastes in the correct order and quantity according to the recipe, which is the basis of good taste; secondly, hand-rolling can not leave air gaps in the eggplant body, so that In order to ensure that the cigar body does not burn excessively during smoking and does not bring too high a temperature (as mentioned earlier, too high a temperature will ruin any good taste of a cigar).

However, the current machine-made cigars can only use crushed leaves as the eggplant body. Even if it is a very good variety of tobacco leaves, or there are too many gaps between the crushed tobacco leaves and too much oxygen, it is easy to fully and over-burn during the smoking process (just like cigarettes. similar), or deliberately increase the packing density, resulting in too tight to burn, no matter what, it will not taste good.

Smoking Cigars Causes Vertigo

I checked articles on the Internet and saw that many friends said that dizziness occurred during the process of smoking cigars, but I have almost never experienced dizziness since I smoked cigars. Discussing the reasons with my seniors, I think there are probably two points: one is that I was an old smoker for more than 20 years, and my body may be more resistant to nicotine; The amount of nicotine ingested by the body in a short period of time is just fine. The so-called vertigo means that there is too much nicotine for a while, and the body can't bear it anymore. So, vertigo friends, you must be smoking too fast. Slow down, believe me, vertigo is not necessary, slow is right. Your pace of life is already too fast, and you can't let yourself relax and slow down. How can you experience the beauty of a cigar?

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