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Gentleman's Details: Ways to Smoke a Cigar

Gentleman's Details: Ways to Smoke a Cigar

There are four ways to smoke a cigar: inhale, sip, chew, and puff. A person who knows how to enjoy cigars knows that cigars are not something that is inhaled into the lungs. If you see a well-dressed person smoking a cigar like a cigarette, inhaling the smoke into his lungs, you must not be fooled by his gorgeous appearance, he must be a cigar layman - can't stand a cigar "Test", he may have passed out, because the cigars inhaled into the lungs contain 5 times the nicotine and tar content of ordinary cigarettes; and the guy who keeps puffing out must be a beginner; likes to last for hours A man who chews the same cigar (even for days) until he is left with a soggy mess, who is either docile or extremely impetuous. The more appropriate way to smoke a cigar is to sip. Every few minutes, the cigar smoke is sucked into the mouth, stays in the palate, and then sprayed out after tasting. It is a kind of enjoyment to let the smoke surround you.

When smoking a cigar, there is no need to flick the ash frequently, leaving a certain length (about one inch) of the ash can keep the temperature of the cigar to obtain the ideal taste. But don't hold up the long ash and talk about it, making people worry about where your ash will fall. In fact, the ash of a good cigar can indeed be passed through to the end. There are many bosses who like to review documents with a cigar in their mouth, but there is not a trace of soot on the desk.

When you finish tasting a mellow cigar, just put it by the ashtray, and it will go out automatically after a few seconds. This kind of gentlemanly demeanor will be respected by others. Never stub your cigars like cigarettes, as stubbing out cigars will give off an unpleasant smell and create an unsightly mess that will make you annoyed by your friends.

You can see that smoking a cigar is actually a very complicated ritual. Although you don’t need to wash your hands, bathe and burn incense before smoking, if you smoke a cigar for the first time, you’d better understand the cumbersome rituals mentioned above, otherwise, although You have a lot of money, and you may also be the butt of a laughing stock.

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