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Have you noticed the details of tasting cigars?

Have you noticed the details of tasting cigars?

For cigar smokers, every cigar is a living body, full of spirituality, it can hear, see and feel, and like a friend, it can resonate with you spiritually.

Cigars have a long history and profound cultural connotations, so no matter when you are tasting, cutting, smoking, or curing cigars, you need to abide by some basic rules.

Tasting cigars is not simply smoking cigars, or just judging its quality through a certain feeling, so it is inevitable to be generalized and ignore other tasting feelings of cigars. The correct tasting of cigars should have an all-round experience of the whole cigar through vision, touch, smell and taste.

The correct cut of the cigar cap

We know that cigars need to be cut before smoking. In fact, the purpose of cutting cigars is to obtain a suitable ventilation hole so that the smoke can flow smoothly when smoking. The handmade cigar cap is bonded with vegetable glue, which can prevent the wrapper and binder from cracking, but if you cut too much or cut off the entire cap, it is equivalent to a waste of a cigar, which may cause damage to the binder and the Clothes come off and our mouths are full of cigar shards.

The correct way to cut a cigar is to choose a pair of sharp cigar cutters and cut off a third of the cap neatly. There are many kinds of cigar cutters, in principle, it is only necessary to be easy to operate and able to cut a smooth cut.

Do not light cigars with non-cigar-specific ignition tools

Light cigars with non-specific ignition tools for cigars, such as kerosene, gasoline, methane and other gas-fueled igniters to light cigars. The smell of burning these substances will completely destroy the pure taste of cigars. Candles and ordinary lighters are not recommended.

It is best to use special tools for lighting cigars, such as cigar spray guns, special matches for cigars, cedar wood, etc.

Do not let the breath of cigar smoke enter the lungs

Many cigar beginners are cigarette lovers, and they often use cigarettes to inhale the smoke into the lungs, which is very likely to produce the phenomenon of "halo halo". When smoking cigars, we should use "small circulation", the smoke does not enter the lungs, which is what we usually call "pack of mouth smoke". According to investigations, the amount of nicotine and tar in cigarettes is dozens of times that of cigars. When cigars are fermented, the nicotine content is reduced, the miscellaneous gas is removed, and the energy is reduced. Due to the principle of not smoking the lungs, smoking cigars is almost harmless to the lungs.

It should be noted that the speed must be uniform when smoking a cigar, not too fast or too slow. If it is too fast, the cigar will produce a sparkling taste and affect the taste; if it is too slow, the cigar will not be fully burned, and if it is more serious, it will cause the cigar to stall and produce a bitter taste.

Do not smoke too often

To smoke a cigar, you must master the "333" rhythm, that is, suck for three seconds, hold for three seconds, and spit out for three seconds. Cigars are different from cigarettes. Smoking a cigarette is done with one inhalation and one exhalation. Smoking a cigar is three beats slower than smoking a cigarette. Not only that, but the interval between each puff of a cigar needs at least 30 seconds. After smoking for a while, put it on the ashtray and rest for a while. As long as the time is not too long, the cigar will not go out.

If you smoke too fast, not only will you not feel the fragrance of the cigar, but it will also cause the cigar to overheat and affect the cigar experience.

Do not throw away cigars that burn unevenly

Sometimes cigars burn unevenly, which is caused by unsatisfactory moisture retention of cigars, overly dry wrappers that lose their proper elasticity, cigars are impacted during storage, and so on.

Do not throw away the cigar immediately when it is not fully burned. You can use some methods to reverse this situation, such as turning the slow-burning side downward, using a cigar lighter to support the combustion, cutting off the part that deviates from the cigar and re-igniting it, and appropriately slowing down the puffing rhythm, etc. These methods can save uneven burning cigars, and if they don't work, just throw them away.

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