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How should we choose the style of cigar cutter?

How should we choose the style of cigar cutter?

A cigar cutter is one of the essential tools for enjoying cigars, but such a small tool has a wide variety of styles, which makes it difficult for many cigar lovers to start! We list the common styles of cigar cutters for you, hoping to help you choose the style that suits you.

1. Drilling cigar cutter

The drill-type cigar cutter is a cigar cutter especially suitable for cigar beginners. It not only has a small appearance, various styles, and is easy to carry, but also the drilled holes are relatively small, which is suitable for beginners who do not inhale much smoke. . And another advantage of drilled cigars is that even if the cutting is unsuccessful, the cigars will not be damaged and scattered. It can be said to be very friendly to cigar novices!

Slowly drill the blade of the drill-type cigar scissors into the cigar cap, rotate the blade vigorously after entering the cigar cap, drill a small hole in the cigar cap, and then pull it out slowly to bring out the cutting part.

2. V-shaped cigar cutter

As the name suggests, the V-shaped cigar cutter means that the incision is V-shaped. Generally speaking, this kind of cigar cutter has a more exquisite appearance, and is convenient to carry and cut. But this kind of cigar cutter also has its disadvantages, that is, there are requirements for the size of the cigars, it is only suitable for regular size or smaller size cigars, but not for larger size cigars. In addition, the incision made by V-shaped cigar scissors is relatively small, and the amount of smoke inhaled may not meet the requirements of experienced cigar smokers.


Open the mouth of the cigar scissors, place the cigar in the mouth, and squeeze the two ends tightly to open the cigar. But be careful not to push the eggplant head too far into the edge of the knife, otherwise the overcut will cause the wrapper to scatter, and if the cut is too large, it will be very hot when tasting.

3. Double-edged cigar cutter

Double-edged cigar cutters have two blades, which are easier to use than single-edged cigar cutters. They are not only easy to use, but also easy to carry. They are especially popular among cigar lovers.


Hold the cigar cutter with the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand, then place the cigar vertically at 90 degrees in the ring buckle of the cigar cutter, find the "shoulder" of the cigar, and cut it with force to complete it easily. But be careful, it is better to use double-edged cigar cutters to cut less than more. Less cutting can continue to trim, but more cutting is very wasteful.

4. Handle type cigar cutter

The handle-type cigar cutter looks like a pair of scissors. It is the most widely used cigar cutter and is suitable for cigars of any size. However, this kind of cigar cutter has high requirements for use and is not suitable for novices.


The handle-type cigar cutter and the cigar cap are cut at a 90-degree angle. Generally, a distance of 2mm is cut off.

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