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What is the purpose of the fir chips in the humidor?

What is the purpose of the fir chips in the humidor?

The cedar wood chips protect the cigar from accidentally touching the fragile wrapper when opening it.

The storage environment of the cigars plays a key role in the state of the cigars. A piece of cedar wood with a certain humidity can effectively maintain the humidity of the cigars in the box. In the same way, if the humidity in your cigar humidor does not go up all the time, you can also put a piece of wet cedar wood into the humidor, which can play a role in humidification. But we must remember to humidify the cedar wood chips in time (spray pure water on the cedar wood chips, and then put them in the humidity box for humidification after absorbing the water).

The cedar wood chips also have a function, which is to light the cigar. Cedar wood is folded into narrow pieces, which can be used to light cigars, so that not only does it have no peculiar smell, but it also has the smell of cedar wood.

Lighting cigars with fir chips preserves the original flavor of the cigars as much as possible. The idea is to light the cigar without adding harsh chemicals, something no quality lighter can do.

What are the precautions for lighting cigars with fir chips?

1.Lighting cigars with cedar chips is relatively gentle. It requires the cigar smoker to slow down the lighting speed and only lightly light the cigar foot.

2.Cedar chips will not burn by themselves, and it needs a sufficient fire source to complete. Lighting cigars with cedar chips also has high environmental requirements, so it is recommended to do it indoors.

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