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How to care for our cigar lighters

How to care for our cigar lighters

Cigar lighters are one of the necessary items for cigar lovers when they enter the cigar industry. Small and compact lighters, in addition to bringing convenience to cigar smokers, are also a symbol of taste for cigar smokers.

1.Cigar lighter gas

The gas used by lighters is mainly flammable gas. Gasoline and kerosene were mostly used in the early days, but now butane, propane and liquefied petroleum gas are mostly used. Cigar lighters mostly use butane, because butane does not produce a big odor when burned.

In addition, the most taboo to light cigars is to use kerosene, which will change the taste of cigars and bring a bad experience to cigar smokers.

2.Cigar lighter maintenance details

Refill the lighter with gas, remember to light it.

It is best to light the cigar lighter after each refill, as this action releases the compressed air stored inside the cigar lighter. If it is not processed in time, long-term accumulation will lead to more and more compressed air inside the cigar lighter, while the added gas will be relatively reduced, which will affect the ignition process and reduce the life of the lighter.

3.When the lighter is inflated, please empty the internal gas

When your cigar lighter is inflated, empty as much gas as possible if there is still gas left in it.

Cigar smokers can inflate their cigar lighters in the following ways.
First remove the knob at the gas injection port of the lighter, and then turn the gas injection port of the lighter upward. Then insert the nozzle of the gas cylinder vertically into the gas injection port of the cigar lighter, and press firmly.

But keep in mind two points, one is that the gas cylinder needs to be shaken fully before inserting it, and the other is that the nozzle of the gas cylinder needs to be aligned when it is inserted vertically into the gas injection port of the cigar lighter.

4.Cigar lighters should be stored in a suitable temperature environment

Cigar lighters should be stored in an environment with a suitable temperature as much as possible. Don't put it in a very low temperature environment, because the gas of most cigar lighters on the market is mainly butane, and the boiling point of butane is about 0.5 degrees Celsius, which means that if you use cigar lighters in cold weather, Lighters are not easy to ignite. Therefore, in winter, cigar smokers can put the lighter in their pockets to maintain the ambient temperature of the lighter.

Secondly, the cigar lighter should not be placed in a very high temperature environment. If the temperature is too high or exposed to the sun, it is easy to deform or even explode the cigar lighter.
Cigar lovers should also pay attention to the fact that the flame of a cigar lighter is afraid of moisture, and the exhaust pipe needs to be kept dry. If the cigar lighter has been stored in a humid environment, remember to put the cigar lighter in a dry environment for a period of time when using it.

5.Cigar lighters should regularly clean the nozzles and fuel pipes

When fine particles enter the cigar lighter, it will cause poor gas discharge. At this time, we can inject some compressed air into the fuel line, which can quickly clean the fuel line and restore the lighter to normal condition.

6.Do not light a cigar lighter with a damaged gasket

Do not light a cigar lighter if its gasket is damaged. A damaged gasket on the gas box or gas inlet can block the vent of the cigar lighter and prevent the flame from burning. Once blocked, it is basically impossible to use it again.

Damage to the gasket may have been caused by the impact caused by dropping the lighter. If the gas leaks and makes a "swoosh" sound, please never use a cigar lighter to ignite at this time, as this will generate sparks and easily cause the cigar lighter to explode.


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