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Tasting cigars is an art

Tasting cigars is an art

In life, most successful men with calm temperament like low-key luxury, and cigars have always had an indissoluble bond with gentlemen, because it can better show the charm of mature men.

In the past, upper-class gentlemen would build a cigar room in their home, set aside a special "cigar time" after the gala dinner, and even had smoking jackets specially prepared for cigars and pipes.


Nowadays, there are also special cigar bars set up in some specific places, where close friends can experience the fun of cigars.


1.Introduction of cigar cutter

First of all, prepare at least one cigar cutter, only a special cigar cutter can cut a standard and beautiful cut, and an exquisite cigar cutter can well interpret masculinity and refined taste.

Of course, if you like cigars of different sizes, it is best to prepare several cigar cutters of different sizes.

2.Introduction of cigar lighter

When tasting cigars, do not use a gasoline lighter to ignite the cigars, as this will completely destroy the unique aroma of the cigars. It is the right choice to use a special long sulfur-free match or a butane gas igniter. When tasting cigars, of course taste is the most important thing. Choosing the correct lighting method can perfectly interpret the whole process of a cigar from lighting to burning.

3.The role of the cigar box

The control of temperature and humidity are the two most important factors for preserving cigars. An experienced cigar smoker will definitely have more experience in preserving cigars. Even if you are not a super cigar aficionado, you should prepare a dedicated cigar humidor. There are many sizes and styles of this kind of box, but they are all made of cigar wood. The inner wall cannot be painted to ensure airtightness. There must be a humidifying device in the box to keep the proper moisture in the cigars. Of course, it should not be too wet, and it must be detected by a hygrometer.

"Smoking less, but smoking longer, turn it into a ritual, a philosophy." This is Zino Davidoff's interpretation of cigars.

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