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How to enjoy the ritual sense of smoking cigars

How to enjoy the ritual sense of smoking cigars

How to start enjoying a cigar? First of all, you have to understand the whole set of strict rules and complicated details. Unlike filter cigarettes, which can be lit anytime and anywhere, for a cigar that has gone through 222 manual processes, you must take out a large length of complete When the time comes, turn off the mobile phone, close the door, and sit quietly in a corner alone, without any interruption, slowly, and concentrate on savoring. It can be seen that for a cigar smoker, the real luxury is not the cigar itself, but the time and space required for smoking cigars. If you don’t have a cigar cellar or a dedicated smoking room like the British gentleman’s home in the Victorian era, then go to a cigar club, just like the Davidoff cigar club hidden in the bustling part of the city, which can satisfy everything a cigar smoker wants.

Anyone who has studied cigars has heard of Davidoff. Davidoff’s first cigar club was established in Geneva, Switzerland, with a history of 106 years. Later, with the unremitting efforts of Zino Davidoff, Davidoff began to expand globally and operated many cigars worldwide. shop and clubhouse.

The reason why cigars are expensive is that a lot of manpower and material resources are invested in them. From planting to finishing a cigar, theoretically there should be no less than 222 processes. A Davidoff cigar is transported from the Dominican Republic to its destination, and it has to be parked in the warehouse for half a year every time it arrives, so that the cigar can fully adapt to the climate at that time. Moreover, the environment in which Davidoff stores cigars is relatively more harsh, completely copying the environment in Cuban cellars, the so-called double seventy, which is seventy degrees Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to 212 degrees Celsius, and the humidity is between 72% and 75%. between. Only in this kind of environment can cigars be slowly cellared and mellowed, and have a perfect presentation after time changes.


Cigars are very suitable for pairing with spirits, and now more and more people enjoy it with red wine. Relatively speaking, the wines on the left bank are more Cabernet Sauvignon, with a stronger taste, and they are paired with relatively full-bodied cigars, so as not to steal the limelight of the cigars. On the other hand, wines from the Right Bank are often suitable for pairing with soft cigars, which can taste more aromas, including the aroma of plums, pine wood, coffee, and even leather, as well as the flowers and fruits of red wine. aroma. When it comes to pairing red wine with cigars, there are also more alternative ways to match them. For example, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill would bite open the cigar in front of everyone when smoking a cigar, then dip the head of the cigar into the red wine and inhale it. The rich aroma of the cigar is accompanied by the fragrance of red wine, which dilutes the original strength of this cigar and makes it softer. Many celebrities also like to taste cigars in this way.

Davidoff "smoked less, but smoked longer, turning it into a ritual, a philosophy." This is the motto of Davidoff cigar founder Zino Davidoff, and he didn't say it casually, because only Only the best tobacco can be with him for life.

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