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How to Smoke and Taste a Cigar

How to Smoke and Taste a Cigar

1. How to choose

When choosing a cigar, four of the five senses must be invoked. If you're like some people who believe that you can hear something when you hold a cigar to your ear and turn it, then all five senses will come into play.

The wrapper must be pleasing to the eye. Whether you prefer light brown or dark brown wrappers, the color must be even and the foliage must be shiny. Don’t worry if you see white or green spots, these are natural spots formed during the growth or processing of tobacco leaves and will never affect the quality of cigars.

Gently press down on the cigar with your thumb and forefinger, it should feel firm and springy. Feel the aroma of ripe tobacco leaves overflowing from the humidor, which is a guarantee of good taste. The taste of cigars can only be judged by smoking. Novices are best to try the most common types, starting with the lighter smoke type.

In addition, beginners should start with small cigars, such as Cohiba cornets. And the best advice for seasoned eggplant drinkers is to manage their own time.


2. How to Cut a Cigar

There are many tools for cutting cigars, the most common ones are single-edged and double-edged cigar cutters, and there are also some special cigar scissors. There are scissors with round blades that can cut part of the cap and keep the head of the cigar in place, but he can't do anything with pointed cigars. It is best not to use a "V" shape cut, it will damage the cap; also do not use a match or toothpick to pierce the cap, as this will make the filler crumpled and make the suction difficult. Do not tear off the branding ring as this may damage the wrapper.

3.How to Light a Cigar

Tips for lighting a cigar. Light your cigars with an odor-free flame. Butane lighters, wooden matches and wood chips are commonly used. Do not use gasoline lighters, wax matches, and candles, as these can infiltrate the cigars.

Tips for lighting cigars:
Hold the cigar so that the bottom is perpendicular to the flame.
Turn the cigar slowly to evenly burn the surface.
Hold the cigar between your lips and keep the flame 10 cm away from the cigarette butt.
Puff lightly on the cigar until the flame jumps to the bottom, continue to turn the cigar, and blow on the bottom to make it evenly lit.


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