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How to Maintain the Dryness or Wetness of Cigars

How to Maintain the Dryness or Wetness of Cigars

When we store cigars, there is a common double 70 standard, which is 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (equivalent to a little over 21 degrees Celsius). This mark is a universal standard, if it is not an ancient cigar, there will not be too much deviation according to this standard. This standard is followed because at 70% relative humidity and a temperature of 70°F, air contains approximately 11 grams of moisture per cubic meter of air. In such an environment, the cigar should absorb 15% of its own weight in water, and the cigar can maintain its elasticity while the tobacco leaves continue to mature.

But everyone will have their own preferences. Some people like cigars to be smoother and richer, some like to age faster when they are stored, and some people think that the taste of cigars may be stimulated faster when they are dried, and so on.

In fact, when storing daily cigars, the humidity in the cigar humidor can be between 63% and 76%. This range is suitable for the mature and alcoholic environment of cigars.

Daily cigars do not need to be stored for several years, but may be drawn within a month or two. In this case, I personally like to store the daily cigars with a slightly higher humidity, because most of the smoked cigars are large. For ring gauge cigars, slightly higher humidity does not have a great impact on breathability, but it can bring a milder taste. When storing, high humidity and high temperature are usually used. The humidity is usually 75%, and the temperature can reach 23 degrees. High temperature and high humidity can stimulate the flavor of cigars more quickly.

We all know that the shiny surface of cigars is a sign of good condition, but the high temperature and high humidity on the surface is not easy to appear shiny. If you want to stimulate the shiny cigar, you can use high temperature and low humidity. Keep cigars in the humidity range of 63%-65%, and the temperature can be 23 degrees. Low humidity and high temperature can stimulate the oily light on the surface of cigars faster.

A cigar is all about balance, one extreme or the other is not in good shape, a dry cigar becomes brittle, burns faster when lit due to the loss of inherent moisture, and the cigar can be a bit choking and slightly bitter. In contrast, a damp cigar burns unevenly and has a sour taste. But within a suitable range, adjusting the two indicators of temperature and humidity to preserve cigars can indeed bring different surprises.

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