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How to Light a Cigar: The Difference Between Soft Flame and Jet Flame Lighters

How to Light a Cigar: The Difference Between Soft Flame and Jet Flame Lighters

There are many excellent cigar lighters on the market, and which lighter you use is just as important as how you light your cigars. What is the difference between soft flame and jet flame lighters when it comes to lighting cigars? Many cigar aficionados will have their preferences when it comes to this matter. If you are thinking about what kind of lighter you should buy for yourself or as a gift, you can refer to the following advantages and disadvantages of lighters. Below we generally refer to butane lighters, not liquid fuel models, because liquid fuel is not very refined, so it may affect the taste of high-end cigars.

Advantages and disadvantages of jet flame lighters

Jet flame lighters are sporty, innovative and attractive. There are many brands to choose from, including Davidoff, Zino and Dupont to name a few. Its first benefit is that it can light cigars quickly and thoroughly with a super hot flame, and the smoker does not have to puff on the cigar while lighting. In addition, the jet flame lighter is a good helper for outdoor activities. Its wind resistance and wind resistance allow you to light your cigar with ease in challenging conditions such as at the beach or on a boat. If you are a fan of cigar accessories, in fact, every year different brands will launch new high-performance models, including single-jet, double-jet, triple-jet and quad-jet lighters. Some have specially angled injectors that allow the flame to be more concentrated.

A jet flame lighter can also remedy a cigar that burns unevenly, you only need to light the part that burns unevenly. Today, lighters also have additional features such as built-in cigar cutters, windows to monitor fuel levels, and protective covers. In addition, there is also a desktop jet flame lighter with a large fuel tank, which does not need to be refueled frequently, and is placed in a public place for multiple people to use.

The flame temperature of the jet flame lighter is about 2300 degrees, which is twice that of the soft flame. If you are not careful, it will go too far. One of the easiest mistakes to make when using a jet flame lighter is to light a cigar with the flame too close to the bottom of the cigar for a long time, because the top of the flame in the lighter is colorless. Therefore, you need to keep the distance between the lighter and the bottom of the cigar to avoid the cigar from being burned or the cigar becoming stale due to the violent injection of butane. Also, if you keep a jet flame lighter in your jeans or jacket, lint and debris can clog the jet. The solution is to occasionally blow the injector with compressed air to clear blockages and ensure optimum performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of soft flame lighters

The burning temperature of the soft flame lighter is about 1400 degrees, and the intensity is lower than that of the jet flame lighter. Therefore, it is not easy to burn the cigar, and it is not easy to transfer the taste of butane to the cigar. While it takes longer to light a cigar with a soft flame, the lower temperature and slower fire preserve the natural flavors of the premium tobacco leaves in handcrafted cigars and allow for better control of the temperature at the base of the cigar. Some soft flame lighters feature a double fire, with an extra wide flame, suitable for lighting cigars with larger ring diameters.

Soft flame lighters are generally very durable, require little maintenance, components rarely fail, have no injectors to clean, and the flints can be easily replaced. Many ultra-high-end lighters are soft flame lighters because of their low maintenance and long life. Soft flame lighters are convenient for travel, however, if you accidentally leave a jet flame lighter in your coat pocket while traveling, be prepared to have your lighter confiscated due to TSA restrictions.

The biggest disadvantage of soft flame lighters is their windproof function. When lighting a cigar outdoors, a little breeze can blow out the flame. So, with a soft flame lighter you need more patience, gently swirling the cigar over the soft flame to fully light the base of the cigar. For many cigar aficionados, one of the joys of tasting cigars is lighting them slowly, allowing the initial flavors to develop.

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