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"If you can't even smoke a cigar, why are you studying a cigar cutter?"

Why do cigars need to be cut?

After a good cigar is packaged, one end is sealed with tobacco leaves, which must be cut before smoking to allow ventilation. When storing cigars, pay attention to appropriate humidity. If they are too dry, they will crack. Therefore, good cigars should be stored in a humidifier. However, if the tobacco leaves are too wet, the smoke will be very hot after lighting, so they must be dried first.

Usually, handmade cigars have seals and need to be cut before smoking, while machine-made cigars do not need to be cut.

Cigar Cutter: A Dangerous Secret Weapon

Although cigar cutters are relatively easy to buy, it's still best to use them with caution. One of the most valuable hands in the world - the right hand of the super-famous star Michael Jordan (a famous cigar smoker, a must-have when winning a championship) was deeply injured by it in 1997, resulting in lifelong disability of the finger. It is said that it also affected the game in 1998, with the hit rate declining and the joint on the index finger of his right hand still unable to bend.

A good horse goes with a good saddle. The more avid cigar lovers are, the more perverted their pursuit of cigar cutters will be. Not only do you need to be steady, accurate, and ruthless to hit the ground with your head, but you also have to play with the style.

The most traditional handle cigar cutter in the row





The handle type cigar cutter is widely used and is the easiest cigar cutting tool we can imagine. Its appearance is similar to the scissors we often use. Its advantage is that it can cut cigars in a wider range of sizes (depending on the size it can open). , also suitable for cutting half-smoked cigars, relatively durable and strong.

However, due to its relatively large size, it is suitable for keeping at home or in the office, but is not suitable for carrying around. If you are still a cigar beginner, it is easy to scratch the cigar if you don't use your hands well, or cut off the entire head, affecting the quality of the cigar.

The most widely used double-edged cigar cutter




This is the double-edged cigar cutter used in "A World Without Thieves" mentioned earlier, but Dupont's one is simpler and easier to carry. Its appearance and design are very user-friendly, no matter you are traveling It will not become a burden for daily office work.

Especially when you put it in your pocket, you don’t have to worry about it scratching your clothes or even hurting your skin. I am used to seeing black and silver cigar cutters, so this red cigar cutter is naturally eye-catching.

The most unique V-shaped cigar cutter




Because the blade is V-shaped, if it is used to cut someone's hand, blood will be sprayed out and the pain will be unbearable. It can be called a strong weapon. V-shaped cuts made in snow are V-shaped, and they are also called cat-eye scissors because the gaps they cut resemble a cat's eyes.

This kind of cigar scissors also has a beautiful appearance and is easy to carry. However, there is usually a requirement for the size of the cigar. Larger cigars may not be suitable. The best thing about this type of cigar cutter is that the outer layer of the cigar will not be damaged due to too much cutting, and after you cut out the V-shaped incision, you can try to lick the cut out with the tip of your tongue while smoking the cigar. Cut, you can feel a different flavor when smoking cigars.

The most antique bone cigar cutter

First, three-hole or V-hole cigar cutters made of animal bones and horns were most popular from the 1920s to the 1960s. During this period, this type of cigar cutter was produced in Europe and North America. The materials include elk antlers, reindeer antlers, elk antlers, Dwarf antlers, boar tusks, antelope horns, rhinoceros horns, bison horns and more.

A common characteristic of cigar cutters made of these materials is that time and people's use will leave marks on them. Not only will this not damage the cigar cutter itself, it will also give the cigar cutter a sense of time. But it also needs to be well protected, as the tip of the horn may be damaged if you are not careful.

The practicality of antique cigar cutters like these is actually very small now. On the one hand, the ring diameter of the cut is generally relatively small, which is not suitable for today's large ring diameter cigars; on the other hand, the sharpness of the cutter has been degraded over time. Meet the requirements, so more can only be used for collection.

guillotine cigar cutter

This object is a fixed cigar cutter, usually placed on the table and used with a large lighter. The appearance alone has an evil spirit coming towards you. The prototype is taken from the guillotine of the French Revolution (this one should be a combination of Chinese and Western, and comes from the Chinese dog-head guillotine).

The Saffron brand has a history of 138 years. The accumulation of history has made it thick and the humanized design makes it a favorite among cigar smokers with certain abilities. Its cutouts for different cigar types make it simple and convenient to use. The design with a safety buckle prevents novices from cutting the cigars unevenly. The only drawback is that it is relatively large and is only suitable for placing in a cigar bar at home or in the office. However, it is definitely a respectable thing to place a set at home.

Unspeakable cigar cutter

The unique product characteristics of cigars have also given rise to a large number of unique cigar cutters. The following two models, like the erotic watches in watches, have a playful metaphor▼

▲The cigar itself has a metaphor. The thickness of the cigar is generally a metaphor for men, and these cigar cutters are actually a response to this metaphor.

Cigars are not like cigarettes. You light them when you bring them and throw them away after smoking them. Smoking cigars is like a lonely and solemn ceremony. A handy cigar cutter is the first step to gradually pull you out of your daily routine. People love to debate whether the best way to cut a cigar is at the right angle or with the right blade. There is no best way, just what works best for you.

But if you really don’t have a special cigar cutter, you can also try using a nail clip, teeth bite, utility knife, etc. After all, it is said that some experienced cigar smokers will not stick to such details. They will knock off the cap with their teeth.


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