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Don’t turn your Cigar into Smoke

Don’t turn your Cigar into Smoke

There is a reason why good cigars are expensive.

In the eyes of many people, cigars represent a status symbol and the performance of a gentleman.

In film and television works, you can often see the rich always holding cigars in their hands, so cigars are associated with expensiveness.

In fact, cigars from expensive brands are indeed expensive, but there are still many affordable cigars on the market.

Cigars, as a relatively cultural tobacco, seem to be more favored by some business people.

Most people prefer to enjoy their cigars alone. Cigars are not like cigarettes. You light them when you take them out and throw them away after you smoke them.

To enjoy a good cigar, you need to cut off the cigar cap, use a professional lighter, and have a strong sense of ritual before enjoying it.

This sense of ritual will pull you out of your daily tension and return you to a state of complete comfort and relaxation.

Cigars are as desirable as cigarettes, but there are many essential differences. People who have never been exposed to them may think that cigars = cigarettes.

That's wrong,

Cigarettes and cigars are not on the same level at all in terms of craftsmanship, raw materials, duration, and smoking methods.

In terms of taste alone, cigars have a rich and varied taste, which is something that cigarettes cannot achieve.

However, "Did you know? Cigars are made from whole tobacco leaves, fermented, dried and then rolled by hand."

However, cigarettes are refined, shredded and wrapped in paper rolls.

As we all know, the regular way of smoking a cigarette is to take a deep breath and let the smoke slowly enter the lungs from between the cheek teeth. However, smoking a cigar the same way as a cigarette is obviously not enough and will definitely cause serious choking.

To smoke a cigar, take a slow sip, letting the smoke slowly come into contact with the taste in your mouth, and then slowly exhale it, using your mouth and nose to experience the unique aroma of the cigar.

There are two types of whole-leaf cigars:

One is a hand-rolled whole-leaf cigar, and the other is a machine-rolled whole-leaf cigar;

The cigars are all handmade and have obvious rubber bands. The appearance of each cigarette is quite different, and the thickness also has certain differences;

Hand rolled whole leaf cigars

Machine-rolled whole-leaf cigars have a flat, smooth appearance, uniform thickness, and a thin outer wrapper.

Machine rolled whole leaf cigars

There is a saying in Cuba: cigars are the grass of God, made with the skillful hands of Cuban cigarette masters.

"When a cigar is lit, air passes through the cracks. If the cigar is rolled too tightly, it will not be smoked; if it is rolled too loosely, the cigar will burn too fast. So the density and tightness are just right." Therefore, the appropriate leaf center Tightening must be done by an excellent cigarette maker.

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