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Life|Smoking cigars and smoking cigarettes are not the same thing

Life|Smoking cigars and smoking cigarettes are not the same thing

Any cigar aficionado will tell you that cigars are a hobby, a pleasure, not a habit. Like any hobby, there are good and bad ways to smoke a cigar. So before you light up a cigar, be sure to check out these seven top mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: No two cigars are alike

Top-quality cigars are handmade by craftsmen using tobacco leaves. During the production process, a slight change in the ratio of raw materials, the type of tobacco leaves, and the way the cigars are made will affect the taste of the cigar. Therefore, you will never know what it will taste like before you start smoking the next cigar.

Mistake 2: Cutting the cap carelessly

Newbies tend to rush when cutting the cap, and cut it without paying attention to the length, which wastes the opportunity to relax with the cigar. Cutting the cap is a very important step that directly affects your cigar smoking experience. Look at the length of the cap and cut it slightly above the top. Don't cut too much.

Mistake 3: Lighting a cigar like a cigarette

It is absolutely wrong to light a cigar and then puff hard to help it burn. It is completely normal for a cigar to have a light flavor when you first start smoking it. The result of puffing hard is that the original aroma of the cigar is covered up by the bitter taste. Gently rotate the cigar on the tip of the flame. There is no need to see the open flame. When the cigar head turns black and the edges turn gray, you can try the first puff.

Mistake 4: Holding the cigar in your mouth

A cigar is not something you hold in your mouth and think you can smoke. It is meant to be held in your hand, brought to your lips, puffed out, and then returned to your fingers. This way, the cigar burns slower and you don't waste precious tobacco.

Mistake 5: Suck on the Cigar

Never inhale a cigar into your lungs. Cigars are not cigarettes. The tobacco inside is stronger. Take a puff of the cigar, let it stay in your mouth for a few seconds, and then exhale it gracefully after tasting it. Control the frequency of smoking a cigar to about every 30 seconds to 1 minute, and remember to pair it with a glass of strong wine.


Mistake 6: Smoking a cigar on an empty stomach

If you are not sure about your nicotine tolerance or are afraid of experiencing nicotine blackout, it is best to smoke cigars after a full meal. If you become blue-faced and unconscious after smoking on an empty stomach, remember to stop smoking immediately, go out for some fresh air, and drink plenty of water to relieve the discomfort.

Mistake #7: Sticking to one cigar forever

You can have your own favorite cigar brand, but loyalty is not very useful when it comes to smoking cigars. There are too many cigar brands in the world, and you may only be one cigar away from your favorite brand. For cigar lovers, smoking the best cigars in the world is their unremitting goal.


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