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There is a difference between cigars and cigarettes

There is a difference between cigars and cigarettes

There is a famous saying in the West: "Cigarettes are like prostitutes, cigars are like lovers, and pipes are wives." For men, apart from women, the things that are closest to them are alcohol and tobacco.

Most people like to enjoy cigars alone. Cigars are not like cigarettes, which can be lit as soon as they are taken out and thrown away after smoking. To enjoy a good cigar, you need to cut off the cigar cap and use a professional lighter. There is a strong sense of ritual before enjoying it. This ritual can gradually pull you out of daily affairs and return to a state of complete comfort and relaxation. You can neither smoke too fast nor too slow during the smoking process. A medium-length cigar often takes an hour to enjoy.

When romance and cigars burn together, cigars become a kind of sedimentation that will be passed down from generation to generation; when ideals and cigars burn together, cigars become a trumpet that inspires people to move forward. When careers and cigars burn together, cigars become a symbol of admiration; when success and cigars burn together, cigars become a footnote to wise men and scholars.

However, it takes some experience to distinguish the quality of cigars.

Do you smoke cigars? What do you think cigars taste like?

Cigars can also be very gentlemanly. They retain a kind of classical elegance and can make you relax. In the middle of the night, in the study, you light a cigar, just like talking face to face with a confidant, and this kind of conversation is not noisy, but more silent and contemplative.

Choose the big ones!

There are many standard sizes of cigars, such as Robusto, Churchill, Torpedo, Corona, etc.

Spit out the smoke!

You must understand the first fact: the biggest difference between smoking a cigar and smoking is not only not to inhale the smoke into your lungs, but also to exhale the smoke quickly and forcefully. Because when you smoke a cigar, you don't want to inhale the smoke that is burning, but to taste the remaining aroma.

Avoid common mistakes when lighting

Note: A. Do not use your mouth to light the cigar like a cigarette to help it light; B. Don't be afraid of lightness, as the cigar burns, the flavor will gradually become richer or stronger.

 Hand-rolled cigars are good

Many people say that hand-rolled cigars are good, and machine-made ones are not. That's right. But why? Cuban labor is not expensive, but the cost of machines plus depreciation is not low. The fundamental reason is that only hand-rolled cigars can roll up several leaves of different sizes and flavors in the correct order and quantity according to the recipe, which is the basis of good taste; secondly, hand-rolled cigars can leave no air gaps in the cigar body, so as to ensure that the cigar body does not burn excessively during smoking and does not bring too high a temperature (as mentioned earlier, too high a temperature will ruin any good taste of a cigar).

The best choice: Cuban cigars

Why are Cuban cigars the best? After studying geography and comparing cigars from different origins, I found the reason is simple: sugar. All the good taste of all cigars is essentially transformed from the sugar and oil in the tobacco leaves. Cuba is the best place to grow sugar cane, so it is also the best place to grow cigar tobacco leaves. It has the richest sugar, so it has all the possibilities for good taste.

Agricultural products depend on the weather, so there is no other way but the tobacco leaves from this land are the best. This is the same as tea, coffee, and wine. Even if the cigars from Cuba and the Dominican Republic are the best, they still lack that flavor (not as simple as "sweetness", but many changes brought about by the fermentation and mellowing formula of sugar).

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