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One of the must-read manuals for cigar beginners

One of the must-read manuals for cigar beginners

Cigar smoking etiquette


Fresh cigars have a flexible body and no sound when rubbed lightly. Before lighting a cigar, hold it to your ear, hold it with your index finger and thumb and rub it gently. If you don't hear any cracking sound, it is a fresh cigar.


Since one end of the cigar is closed, the first step is to open the closed end. There are many types of cutting tools, such as guillotine type, scissor type, drilling type, etc., but the cutting methods are similar, and the general cutting position is one-third of the top of the cigarette cap. In fact, the way of cutting the mouth also varies from person to person. Cigar lovers who like to hold ash can choose the way of punching.


Hold the cigar with your hands first, put the end at a 45° angle one inch closer to the fire source, and rotate the cigar so that the edge of the cigar is evenly heated, and then align the fire source to the center, so as to ensure that the cigar can be fully and evenly lit. When the end of the cigar has been evenly heated, charred and shiny, the cigar is placed in the mouth.


The proper way to smoke a cigar is to sip it. Every few minutes, inhale the cigar smoke into the mouth, stay in the palate, do not inhale the lungs, taste carefully and then exhale slowly. Sipping on a cigar keeps the smoke cool and full of flavor, and savors the essence of the cigar.

05.Turn off

When not smoking a cigar, don't just snuff it out like a cigarette. The ash at the end of the cigar helps cool the cigar, so just place it gently in the cigar ashtray and it will extinguish itself after resting peacefully.

Three piece cigar set

01.Cigar lighter

If you use a general lighter or match to light a cigar, it will destroy the original taste of the cigar and make the cigar smoke contain the taste of chemicals, so a butane igniter is the best choice for lighting a cigar. Butane is very clean and has no peculiar smell. Good size and long lasting.

02.Cigar cutter

A cutter is an essential tool for cutting cigars. It comes in many styles, but it has the same function. Many people choose three types: cigar cutter, double-blade knife and hole punch.

03.Cigar ashtray

A large amount of ash is produced when smoking cigars, and the size of cigars is generally very large, so a special large ashtray can meet the requirements of "cigar lovers".

Classification of cigars:

It is generally divided into two types: hand-rolled and machine-rolled. Hand-rolled cigars are mostly produced in South American countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Made from leftover scraps, the taste is lighter and the price is cheap.

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