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Common problems in the use of cigar lighters,do you know how to solve them?

Common problems in the use of cigar lighters,do you know how to solve them?

Question 1: What gas is used in professional cigar lighters?

Answer: Unlike general lighters that use kerosene,gasoline,alcohol,etc,cigar lighters mainly use butane as fuel.The most taboo thing about smoking cigars is to affect their original flavor, but butane is colorless and odorless when burning, which can avoid polluting cigars, and naturally becomes the best fuel for cigar lighters.

Question 2: How to fill a cigar lighter with gas?

Answer: First, release all the air pressure in the fuel tank. You can use a small screwdriver or a ballpoint pen to press down on the raised ring in the middle of the gas filling port of the lighter. Repeat this several times until you no longer hear the hiss from the valve.Just make a sound.

Next, adjust the flame of the lighter to the lowest gear, which can make it more compact and effective when filling. Place the lighter upside down, align the gas bottle outlet and cover the lighter inlet, and press it several times, each time about 5 seconds to complete filling.

Question 3: What should I do if the cigar lighter cannot be filled with gas?

Answer: Many cigar customers have reported that cigar lighters often cannot be refilled with gas. In fact, this may be due to excess air remaining in the gas tank, which needs to be deflated before new fuel gas can be filled. First use a small screwdriver to aim at the air inlet and quickly deflate it 1-2 times. After the air inside is released, you can perform the gas filling operation.

Question 4: Can the cigar lighter be used immediately after being filled with gas?

Answer: No, after the cigar lighter is filled with new fuel, you can feel that the surface temperature of the lighter is very low, so you need to let the lighter stand still for 3 to 5 minutes to adjust the temperature of the newly filled gas to room temperature, and wait for it to attach to the cigar lighter. The lighter can only be ignited after the residual gas on the outside of the lighter has evaporated completely.

Question 5: Do cigar lighters need regular cleaning?

Answer: Yes, when the cigar lighter is in use, fine particles will enter the gas pipe of the lighter, resulting in uneven combustion of the fuel, and if dust accumulates at the nozzle of the lighter, it will also cause poor gas discharge. In addition, it is not difficult to clean the lighter. Some compressed air can be injected into the fuel pipeline, so that the fuel pipeline can be cleaned quickly and in time.

Question 6: Will a professional cigar lighter explode?

Answer: Yes! Cigar lighters have the same possibility of explosion as ordinary lighters, so do not expose cigar lighters directly to the sun or to high temperatures.

Question 7: Can the lighter gasket be damaged?

Answer: The gasket needs to be replaced before use. When the gasket of the cigar lighter is damaged, remember not to ignite, because the gasket of the gas box or the gas injection port is damaged, which will cause the exhaust pipe of the cigar lighter to be blocked, and the flame will be blocked. Once blocked, the lighter basically cannot be used again.

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