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Ten tips for using cigar lighters

Ten tips for using cigar lighters

1.What gas is used in cigar lighters?

The gas used in lighters is mainly flammable gas. In the early days, gasoline and kerosene were mostly used, but now butane, propane and liquefied petroleum gas are mostly used. Cigar lighters mostly use butane, because it burns without a big smell, and the disposable lighters on the market basically use butane. The most taboo thing to light a cigar is to use kerosene, which affects the taste of the cigar.

2.How to fill a cigar lighter?

Adjust the flame of the lighter to the lowest gear, which can make it more compact and effective when the lighter upside down, align the outlet of the gas bottle and cover the inlet of the lighter, press hard 3-5 times, about 3 times each time -5 seconds.

3.Why did you find that the lighter could not be filled with gas?

Every time the lighter is used, air may enter the gas tank of the lighter, causing the air pressure inside to be high, and it is not easy to inflate the lighter gas when it is inflated. This is usually because you have not vented the gas inside. Please don't throw away the lighter if you can't fill it with gas.

4.How to release the gas in the lighter gas tank compartment?

Use a small screwdriver or a ballpoint pen to press down on the raised ring in the middle of the gas filling port of the lighter, and repeat it several times until the hissing sound from the valve is no longer heard, which means that the gas in the gas tank compartment has been exhausted. Drain clean. Note that it is best to vent the air tank compartment before each refill.

5.Will the cigar lighter explode?

Many friends are concerned about whether cigar lighters will explode like ordinary portable lighters when placed in a high-temperature car. In fact, the explosion-proof properties of cigar lighters have been strictly tested, and they should not be placed in direct sunlight for a long time. As long as there is something blocking them, they will not cause an explosion. Of course, it is not recommended to put the cigar lighter in the high-temperature car for a long time. Most of the cigar lighters have also undergone a drop test, and they will not cause an explosion when dropped on the ground.

6.Why does it need to stand for 3-5 minutes after the lighter is filled with gas?

After filling, you will find that the tank and the lighter are very cold. At this time, you need to let the lighter stand still for 3 to 5 minutes to adjust the temperature of the newly filled gas to room temperature, so that the gas can be easily burned. At the same time, through this waiting time, let the residual gas attached to the lighter surface evaporate completely before igniting, otherwise it is easy to cause burns. If the ignition operation is carried out immediately at this time, the residual gas on the outer surface of the lighter may be ignited, causing unnecessary danger.

7.Why would someone put a lighter in the freezer before refilling?

Putting the lighter in the freezer for 5-10 minutes will help you refill the gas more efficiently. This is because it lowers the air pressure in the lighter. Sub-zero gas enters the cold lighter, allowing it to fill more quickly and completely. If your lighter is transparent, you will notice that it fills faster quick.

8.How to choose a special cigar lighter?

When we buy a lighter for cigars, we must first set the usage scene. If it is used in the clubhouse, buy a large display type lighter, which is heavy and heavy, and is also a decoration on the table. If you often carry it out, choose a portable lighter that is easy to carry and light in weight. Some portable lighters also have a cigar punch.

9.How many flames are better for a cigar lighter?

Cigar lighters generally have 1-4 flames, named: single straight, double straight, three straight and four straight. There are many flames, which makes it easier to light cigars. It is suitable for lighting large cigars, but it uses more gas, so it needs to be filled frequently. On the contrary, there is less flame, which is not conducive to lighting the cigar, but it saves gas. However, if the cigar burns obliquely, it is recommended to use a single direct charge when the cigar is repaired. The flame is more concentrated and it is more convenient to repair the fire.

10.What are the other precautions for cigar lighters?

When lighting and adjusting the flame, do not aim at the face or get too close to the face, so as to avoid accidents when the flame sprays out.

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