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How to use a cigar cutter? About the 5 common types of cigar cutters

How to use a cigar cutter? About the 5 common types of cigar cutters

1. Drilled cigar cutter

Drill-type cigar cutters are usually relatively small, and generally have a pocket watch-like shape or a small keychain-like shape, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to carry. Drilled cigar cutters are more suitable for beginners, because the opening of this kind of cigar cutters is relatively small, which is suitable for beginners who do not require such a large inhalation volume. There will also be no unsuccessful cutting, which will damage and scatter the outer wrapping layer of the cigar.

How to use: The cigar and the drilled cigar cutter are in a parallel state, and the knife edge is aligned with the center of the cap and rotated left and right. The filler, which affects the effect of cigar smoking) is pulled out after turning to a certain depth, and the filler cap will fall off by itself. However, since the drilled cigar cutter generally turns out a relatively small hole, if you want a larger inhalation volume, you can take the center of the cap as the center, turn one on the top, and turn one or two on the cross.

2. V-shaped cigar cutter

The advantage of this kind of cigar cutter is that there will be no damage to the outer layer of the cigar caused by excessive cutting, and after you cut the V-shaped incision, you can try to lightly add the cut with the tip of your tongue when you are smoking the cigar. It will make you feel a different flavor when you taste the cigar. As the name suggests, the V-shaped cigar scissors cut out a V-shaped incision. This kind of cigar scissors is also more beautiful in appearance and easy to carry. However, there is usually a requirement for the size of the cigars, and the larger cigars may not be suitable.

How to use: Hold the cigar scissors with one finger on the top and four fingers on the bottom. The scissors and cigars are in a 90-degree direction, and the cigar cap is cut off.

3. Single-edged cigar cutter

Single-edged cigar cutters may not be able to be used on large cigars. There are many options for the appearance of single-edged cigar cutters, but since the scissors have to be pulled out from the bottom and cut downwards, I think it is easier for the blade to loosen and affect the cutting.

How to use: Hold the cigar cutter with one finger on the top and four fingers on the bottom so that it does not shake from side to side, then put the cigar cap into the lower part of the knife edge, and cut out large or small incisions according to your desired inhalation volume.

4. Handle type cigar cutter

For cigar beginners, it is easy to scratch the cigar with poor hand strength, or cut off the entire head to affect the taste. The handle-type cigar cutter has a wide range of uses, and it is also the cigar cutting tool that we can most easily imagine how to use. Its shape is similar to the scissors we often use. Its advantage is that it can cut cigars of any size. However, due to its relatively large size, it is suitable for home or office, but not suitable for carrying around.

How to use: The cigar and the handle cigar cutter are cut at a 90-degree angle. If you want a smaller inhalation, you can cut the incision smaller. On the contrary, if you want a larger inhalation, you can cut the incision larger.

5. Double-edged cigar cutter

Double-edged cigar cutters have requirements on the size of cigars, and the size is too large to be inconvenient to use. This cigar cutter has double blades, so it is smooth to use. The appearance is beautiful, usually small and easy to carry, whether you are traveling or at home, it is very suitable for use, put it in the bag, and put it in the clothes bag without worrying about scratching the bag or clothes.

How to use: The cigar and the scissors are at a 90-degree angle, put the cigar cap on the edge of the knife, and cut it in place. Put your thumb and index finger into the two rings of the double-edged cigar cutter, and then pull them apart.
The caliber of regular cigar cutters should be proportional to the caliber of the cap. The incision should be smooth and avoid tearing the wrapper, so professional cigar cutters are essential.

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