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Use the right cigar lighter to make your cigars taste better

Use the right cigar lighter to make your cigars taste better

Lighting a cigar with the wrong flame is a common mistake beginners make. While there are many different types of ways to light your cigars, we'll discuss how to pick the best cigar lighter for you.

Never use a typical cigarette lighter to light your cigars. The reason is that this type of lighter uses certain chemicals (such as sulfur or gasoline) as fuel to produce a flame. These chemicals leach into the tobacco and alter the flavor of the cigar. That's why you need to buy a butane or torch lighter to light your cigars, because they are odorless and tasteless when lit.

The biggest advantage of a butane lighter is probably its windproof function, so you don't have to worry about the problems caused by the wind when you light a cigar. But more importantly, even when the cigar is lit at a 45-degree angle, the flame stays upright, never down or tilted, and never burns to your fingers.

Choosing the right cigar lighter based on what kind of cigars you will smoke is one of the important factors. If you like to smoke large ring gauge cigars, you may want to use a torch lighter with a multi-shot flame rather than a single-shot flame lighter. Cigars with large ring gauges tend to take longer to light, so use a torch lighter with two or more flames for quick lighting.

Lighters come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, and some people may prefer a certain size or shape because it better fits their hand. In the case of worrying about whether the lighter runs out of fuel during use, a cigar lighter style that can check how much fuel is left at any time may be what you need. Do you forget to take your cigar cutter every time you go out? Investing in some lighters that come with a cigar cutter or other tool is perfect for you. Many lighters now come with some cigar accessories, such as cigar drills, V-shaped clippers, and even a pair of scissors.

Finally, if you still want to narrow your search, use your aesthetic to find the styles and designs you want from cigar lighters and decide from there.
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