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How to resolve the problem of cigar bitterness

How to resolve the problem of cigar bitterness

As a natural product, cigars are similar to coffee and tea leaves. They are naturally mixed with a bit of bitter taste, but this kind of bitterness is usually just right, which can better reconcile the flavor of a cigar. But we should also be wary of the excessive bitterness of the cigar. If the bitter taste of the cigar exceeds its proper flavor, then we have to consider whether there is something wrong. Today we will talk about the reasons and solutions for excessive bitterness in cigars.

The bitterness of cigars comes from the combustion products of nicotine substances in tobacco leaves and the accumulation of tar, especially the bitterness of cigars that are too wet is more obvious. Therefore, cigars that have not been aged for a long time and have been properly maintained often have a more obvious bitterness.

Cigars maintained in a suitable environment will slowly degrade and transform some macromolecular substances in the tobacco leaves, making them more fragrant and sweet. Therefore, it is recommended to keep each cigar for a period of time. When the cigar becomes firm and oily, with obvious rebound when pressed, and the dryness and humidity are suitable, the cigar is mature and ready to be smoked. At this time, the cigar will be perfect, and the slightly bitter taste in the mouth will quickly become sweet, exuding its unique taste.

Many smokers should know that the cut size of the cigar opening will not only affect the smoke size and combustibility of the cigar, but also have a huge impact on the taste of the cigar. If the cigar is cut too small, substances such as tar will collect in the opening during the draw process, which will make the cigar taste more bitter than a normal-sized cut.

Not only that, but the shape of the cut also affects the flavor of the cigar. If the cigar head has a round cut, the cylindrical smoke entrance will be softer; if the cigar cut is cross or with sharp angles, the smoke will be stronger. If the cigar is cut with a V-shaped cutter or a piercer, the shape of the cut may be too small, which will cause too much tar to accumulate in the mouth, making the cigar taste more bitter, but also more powerful. Of course, this balance needs to be grasped by yourself, so you should also pay attention to the choice of cigar cutter when smoking cigars.

Cigars are a way of life and need to be savored slowly. If smoked too quickly, the cigar will usually become increasingly bitter. This is because the excessively fast burning speed will cause the moisture in the cigar to evaporate in the future, making the tail become more and more humid. When the humidity reaches a certain level, the phenomenon of burning the mouth and bitterness will appear.

Therefore, it is most appropriate to smoke slowly and take a sip every 30 seconds to 1 minute. However, it should be noted that it is best to smoke the cigar at one time when tasting the cigar. The bitter taste of the second lit cigar will increase and the flavor will not be as good as before.

Finally, it should be noted that there are many factors that affect the taste of cigars, including the variety of tobacco leaves, rolling process, lighting method and so on. Therefore, it is very important to understand and master these knowledge to better enjoy the delicious taste and taste of snow.

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