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What kind of cigar case do you usually bring when you go out?

What kind of cigar case do you usually bring when you go out?

Cigar cases are one of the most popular cigar accessories. Many cigar smokers will have a cigar case even if they don’t have a humidor. It is very inconvenient to carry cigars without a cigar case. There are also many types of cigar cases.

As an important symbol and equipment for cigar smokers, cigar cases are essential. But it is not easy to have a suitable cigar case every time you go out. I often try different sizes of cigars myself, and there are many different styles of cigar cases. But what I often carry is a three-pack of large-gauge leather cigar cases.

In fact, when we choose a portable cigar case for daily use, the main considerations are the following criteria:

•Effectively protect cigars from external damage

• Cigars don't dry out too quickly inside the cigar case

• Availability of different sized cigars

• Quality and visual appearance of cigar cases

• Comfortable and portable

The binder must choose a larger ring diameter, and now there are cigar cases that can hold 60 ring diameters. The size of the cigar case is generally relatively fixed. For example, a cigar leather case can hold a 50-ring gauge well. Once you want to carry cigars with a 54-ring diameter or more, you must be careful. Although the leather case is elastic, the cigars cannot be placed Going in, going in and out is still easy to scratch the cigar. However, a standard 50-ring leather cigar case will always have no problem with a 52-ring. This is why comparatively speaking, leather cigar cases with a little elasticity are more practical than hard cigar cases such as metal and wood. Especially now that the cigar ring diameter is getting bigger and bigger, the practical value of a cigar case with a small ring diameter is too low.

In addition to the material, another consideration is to choose a cigar case that can hold several cigars? The most common portable cigar cases range from single cigar cases to five-cigar cases. Considering that it is easy to carry and ensure that the cigars can meet the needs of the day, the most suitable is a three-cigar case. Three cigars are usually enough for one person when going out, and can be smoked by one person or shared with one or two friends. No matter how many cigar cases there are, the portability is not enough, and it cannot be put into the pocket of the clothes.

As for many cigar cases with built-in moisturizing function, there is actually no need for them. Cigar cases are used to hold cigars for a short time. Portable cigar cases usually hold a few cigars. Those who need to go out to smoke cigars for a short time do not have such high requirements for moisturizing. In addition, the moisturizing function is actually to use water-absorbing substances such as sponges, flower mud, and moisturizing balls to preserve moisture and slowly diffuse it. Since portable cigar cases are often in contact with the external environment, external bacteria will stick to the sponge, and moisture will also promote bacterial growth. Using a portable cigar case with a moisturizer can easily cause mold to infect your cigars.

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