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Why cigar lighters don't light up and what should we do about it?

Why cigar lighters don't light up and what should we do about it?

By following the instructions below, you can not only learn how to properly fill your cigar lighter, but even add months or years to its life.


Torch or jet lighters are the most commonly used lighters for cigar smoking.

Butane is usually chosen as the liquefied gas, which is easy to find and relatively cheap.

But when you don't want to use any butane to refill or refill your lighter, all you need is the most refined butane available. Because the more refined the fuel, the fewer impurities there are in the gas.

The cleaner the fuel, the better the lighter will work, which also means that the chances of clogging the lighter are greatly reduced.

Tip: Before refilling, do not shake the fuel tank, this will cause the propellant gas to seep into the tank during filling.

Cigar lighter filling method

First, you have to bleed all the air out of the fuel tank (even with a new lighter)

Use a small screwdriver or ballpoint pen to press down on the raised ring in the middle of the lighter gas filling port, and repeat it several times until the hissing sound from the valve is no longer heard.

Next, adjust the flame of the lighter to the lowest gear, which can make it more compact and effective when filling. Place the lighter upside down, align the gas bottle outlet and cover the lighter inlet, and press it several times, each time about 5 seconds.

If the gas cannot be filled, it may be that there is excess air in the gas tank. At this time, you can deflate, and use a small screwdriver to align the air inlet with rapid deflation for 1-2 times, and then perform the gas filling operation.

After filling, you will find that the tank and the lighter are very cold. At this time, you need to let the lighter stand still for 3 to 5 minutes to adjust the temperature of the newly filled gas to room temperature, and wait until the residual gas attached to the outer surface of the lighter is completely volatilized. Only then can the fire be ignited.

If the ignition operation is carried out immediately at this time, the residual gas on the outer surface of the lighter may be ignited, causing unnecessary danger.

After refilling the gas, if the flame height is too high or too low during use, it is a normal phenomenon, and the flame height can be adjusted appropriately.

Please keep the following four points in mind:

1. Check whether the inflation port is clean before inflating

2. Shake the gas tank before inflating

3. When inflating, turn the air tank upside down and press it firmly at the inflation port. Say the important thing three times --- press hard --- press three or five times in a row, each time for three to five seconds.

4. After inflating, let it stand for three to five minutes before using it [the firepower can be adjusted properly when using it The black knob at the bottom can be adjusted by standing up.

Tip: Putting the lighter in the freezer for 5-10 minutes will help you refill the gas more efficiently. This is because it lowers the air pressure in the lighter. Sub-zero gas enters the cold lighter, allowing it to fill more quickly and completely. If your lighter is transparent, you will notice that it fills faster quick.

How to Refill a Lighter at High Altitude

If you live at a high altitude in a country like Denver, you are using fuel that is at least four times more refined or higher.

Also, make sure to keep your lighter's gas tank as full as possible. Like said above, you want to let the fuel come to room temperature.

To reach room temperature, you can hold your lighter in your hand for 1-2 minutes, or put it in your trousers or shirt pocket.

In the next step, you need to set the flame adjustment ring to (-), which allows more oxygen to enter the gas storage tank, which can increase the ignition power and flame strength of the lighter, and make up for the lack of oxygen in high altitude areas.

Tip: The lighter that has just been filled with gas should not be used immediately due to the uneven internal pressure. Please wait for about 2 minutes before lighting.

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