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Why some cigars don't smell pure

Why some cigars don't smell pure

After smoking a lot of cigars, there will be such an experience. Some cigars, especially the medium or down cigars that are not ancient cigars, will have a pungent taste when smoked. This kind of taste does not need to be lit, just put the cigar next to the nose You can smell it, this smell is called cigar miscellaneous gas, and some cigar smokers call this smell coquettish.

The miscellaneous gas we experience in cigars can actually be divided into two categories, one is grass miscellaneous gas (bitter grass gas, this taste is like the green taste of green grass). This is a miscellaneous gas of tobacco leaves containing bitter green grass gas, such as immature harvested tobacco leaves or green and yellow tobacco leaves caused by improper modulation, which have obvious green miscellaneous gas. The other type is miscellaneous gas, which is the smoky smell of freshly prepared and unfermented tobacco leaves. This is a bit similar to the feeling that the ammonia in the tobacco leaves has not been domesticated and rushes into the nasal cavity. These two miscellaneous gases are often accompanied at the same time, collectively referred to as cigar miscellaneous gases.

The pungent miscellaneous smell of cigars, on the one hand, is due to the poor quality of the tobacco leaves, and on the other hand, the reason is that the tobacco leaves rolled by the cigars have not been aged. If the original tobacco leaves harvested in the same year are used to roll cigars immediately, then the quality will have defects in varying degrees, such as heavy green miscellaneous gas, strong irritation, rough smoke, and smoke aroma covered by miscellaneous gas, especially low-grade tobacco. Tobacco leaves also have adverse effects such as bitterness, spicyness, and astringency. Such tobacco leaves cannot be directly used to make cigars, and must be properly alcoholized. Through alcoholization, the color of tobacco leaves is more uniform and properly deepened, green miscellaneous gas and irritation are greatly reduced, aroma substances are increased, and the taste is mellow.

Therefore, fermentation is an important link in the cigar industry to further improve the quality of tobacco leaves. Generally, the tobacco leaves of good cigars generally need to be aged for more than 2 or 3 years.

In the past, Cuban cigars did not have this kind of situation. Usually, the cigars with cigars are often small brands of cigars from Nicaragua, Honduras and other places. However, in recent years, some Cuban cigars have also appeared, and the proportion of them is increasing. high.

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