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Do you know the tools for smoking cigars?

Do you know the tools for smoking cigars?

Cigars are made of pure natural tobacco leaves, and when lit, they will emit natural tobacco aroma. In order not to destroy the flavor of cigars, cigar smoking tools have special requirements. The common tools are: cigar scissors, cigar spray gun, cigar special matches . So how much do you know about these tools? 

1. Cigar Cutter

This small pair of scissors is the key cigar utensil to show personal taste and status. Manufacturers of various brands put their minds on its ingenious design. Whether it is pure gold or K gold high-grade material, or streamlined and incomparable design, every cigar smoker should have a cigar that best represents himself. Shearing, of course, its quality is also worthy of attention.

2. V-shaped cigar cutters

This knife cuts an oval incision at the head of the cigar with a blade that looks like a "V". With the apex of the V being the point and the legs being the edge, cutting a cigar with a V-shaped cutter leaves a crescent-shaped incision, leaving the head largely untouched. It is not easy to loosen the outer wrapping layer when using a V-shaped knife. However, the holes left by the cutting are very small, which may affect the taste and smoking of the smoke. If the blade is blunt, it will oppress the tobacco and affect smoking.

3. special matches

It is the most traditional kind of ignition tool. It is a sulfur-free match made of birch, cedar and other woods. It is very suitable for people on business trips. It is easy to carry and easy to operate. Cigar smokers only need to light the cigar after lighting the match and waiting for the chemicals in the matchhead to burn completely. Compared with cigar spray guns, cigar special matches are soft fire, the impact force is not as heavy as spray guns, and it is not easy to burn the wrapper. In addition, because the cigar has its own natural plant flavor, using a special match to ignite it can maximize the natural tobacco aroma of the cigar and taste the high-quality cigar taste.

4. flamethrowers

Because the gasoline smell of gasoline lighters will detract from the original flavor of cigars, and the fuel for flamethrowers is butane gas, which is colorless and odorless, and the flame of the flamethrower is concentrated, the fire is stable, and the windproof effect is very good, even in challenging outdoor weather It can also light cigars easily, it will not emit chemical smell when burning, and it is very convenient to carry. The table-top flamethrower is like an upright pistol. Turn the safety switch on before use, and then press the button like a trigger to spray flames. Be careful when lighting cigars. 45° is an ideal angle. The flame of the flamethrower is concentrated and will not go out, just release the button when the flame is turned off.

5. cedar wood chips

In many high-end humidors, cedar wood chips are attached, because it is an indispensable companion for cigars. It is an ancient and traditional method to light cigars with cedar chips. The aroma of cedar chips can keep the aroma of cigars for a long time. Tear cedar wood into strips, light it with a match, and use it to light a cigar when it emits a scent. This seemingly cumbersome step will bring a better smoking experience, and a special lighter or cigar match Compared with unprocessed cedar wood chips, it is cleaner and purer. When lit, the aroma of cedar wood chips and cigars blend together, which not only maintains the flavor of cigars, but also adds a bit of fun.

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