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About the fun-filled process of smoking cigars

About the fun-filled process of smoking cigars

The process of smoking cigars is extremely important. Unlike smoking cigarettes, cigarettes are for the puff of smoke that enters the lungs. When flying, you can often see airplanes. Some people rush outside and light up a cigarette to enjoy themselves. Especially on an international flight that lasts more than ten hours, I see some people not even bothering to pick up their luggage and take a couple of deep puffs of cigarettes first. In order to enjoy the experience, I believe there may be people who are willing to go to a smoking environment and take two deep breaths of the smoke exhaled by others without cigarettes.
But cigars are nothing like that. Cigars belong only to you and cannot be borrowed from others. The joy of cigars lies in the process, and the process of cigars is tasting, tasting the whole process.

Everything involved in smoking a cigar, the color, the touch, the cigar cutter, the airbrush lighter, the cut, the cut off cap, the dance of the flame on the tobacco leaves, the smoke that rises when lit... are all before smoking a cigar. Preparation is a deserved smoking experience, a kind of foreplay before smoking cigars, a kind of pleasure, and a right that cigar smokers do not want to be deprived of.

In fact, cigars are an extremely personal experience, and the process of smoking cigars is also a programmed appreciation process. Choose a cigar by yourself, feel the cigar turning between your fingers, and experience the dryness and wetness of the cigar from the touch. An excellent cigar does not have a dry and cracked crispness, and you can feel the inner fullness and vitality when you press lightly with your fingertips.
The cigar cut is the most important part of the cigar smoking ceremony. The size of the cut directly affects the amount of smoke entering and exiting, and also affects the length of smoking. The size and strength of the cut are all up to you - generally speaking, the diameter of the cut should be 3/4 of the diameter of the cigar's trunk. Cutting is a technical job, and the best cut is to just cut off the cap, leaving the wrapper and filler untouched. If you cut it well, you will even feel a sense of accomplishment when you see the eggplant cap falling into the palm of your hand.

Light the cigar. Turn the cigar over the flame continuously and regularly, and light the cigar head evenly. The burning process is the process of playing with fire. Even if the cigar is lit, the rich aroma will already hit your nostrils. Don't rush to smoke. On the contrary, you should gently blow back twice now to get rid of the miscellaneous gas and heat flow inhaled when lighting the cigarette. After getting rid of the impurities and heat flow, it is best to wait for a while to let the taste stabilize and balance. Then comes the official smoking of cigars.
These cigar smoking processes may seem like a burden to outsiders, but to cigar smokers, these are where the fun lies, a process of dialogue between oneself and the cigar.

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